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Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves
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Dec 01, 10

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Read in January, 2010

WoW! This is the craziest book I've ever read. Think MI meets bio-polar/schizophrenia and you've got Bleeding Violet. My mind is still processing what I just read yesterday. I don't even know where to begin.
I don't know if I didn't like it or if I did like it. I sat down to start it, not planning to finish it in a sitting and before I knew it I was done. That was the most insane reading coaster I've ever been taken on. I found I wanted to put the book down a few times and then other times I couldn't get enough of it.

Dia Reeves did an amazing job with introducing us to Hanna, the main character who has bio-polar, schizophrenia and a few other diagnosis. The book starts off with Hanna talking to her dead father who she sees, as she running away to meet her mother, Rosalee, that she's never met before.

What I didn't except is to be glued to the pages of Bleeding Violet as I found out more about Hanna, and the town she's just entered. Most "transies" don't last more than a few days in town full of hungry things that lie waiting to attack the unsuspecting. In a town that dresses mostly in black, so no one stands out, The Mortamaine who dress in green, and Hanna continues to dress in her Violet/purple colored dresses.

What Hanna's new school mates don't except, is that Hanna's dwelt with weird on an every day basis and fits in well with this East Texas town. She lasts longer than the week they've all bet on. Wyatt, who's a Mortmaine, is a protecter of the town. Soon Hanna realizes there's more to Wyatt and many of the town's people, including her own mother than she first realized. Hannah and Wyatt's relationship is a hot and heavy one on the side, as Hanna is eager to Wyatt take her on a hunt, which no one does. Hanna will do anything to prove to her mom that she can stay in this town and she can take care of herself.

Wyatt reminds me a little bit of Cabe from the Wake series and Jace from the MI series. Why? Like Cabe, Wyatt accepts Hanna the way she is and doesn't try to change her. He supports and stands by her to help her. He's like Jace to me, as he's got a duty to fulfill. He can't change what he is, and while he doesn't stand up to authority (which Jace always does) till towards the end, he knows what he wants, and gets it and he's one good "demon slayer".

Hanna is a very strong character, learning to deal with being bio-polar and schizo. She's used to being deemed a freak, but finds that what she's dwelt with on a daily bases has prepared her for what's going on, on a daily bases in this new East Texas town she's just entered. She'll do anything to save her mom, even if it costs her life.

Rosalee is very much the absentee mother and does not allow anyone into her life. She's a broken person from the inside and through the course of Bleeding Violet we learn a great deal about Rosalee. She has her own ways of showing Hanna she does love her and while it will take a lot of time to build their relationship, she does love her. **spoiler free** as there is a lot more to her mom than what I'm writing about.

*this book has profanity and sexual references in it. It can be a little gruesome for some in the way they kill people to kill the demon/spirit that processes their bodies*

3.5 stars from me!!

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