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Fairy Tale Fail by Mina V. Esguerra
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Mar 07, 11

It was Bertolt Brecht who conceptualized Verfremdungseffek in theater, designed to make the viewers concious that what they are watching is a performance, a creation that needs to be digested by the mind. It's a tremendous concept, the "distancing" of one's self from the characters of a fictive piece, and perhaps can be applied to some other literary forms as well.

But how do you distance yourself from a piece that is actually designed to get you emotionally affected? Well, the hell with Verfremdungseffek.

Fairy Tale Fail (FTF) is a story of a young Filipina, Ellie, who's into a relationship with an office colleague, Don. Because of the female perspective, I would say that this is another field guide to the gray matter of our female counterparts-- this particular type is given to fancy happy-ever-after stories, confusion, and the usual sexual impulses known to both men and women. Think of Briony Tallis directing the play of her own (love)life.

Again, just as in my review of Mina's first book My Imaginary Ex (MIX), I will not dwell on the details of the story lest I spoil it; but I honestly liked MIX better than FTF. I see now that two of my GR friends gave FTF four and five stars and can relate to the characters way closer than I can and will. This fact makes me a cold cad, but someone has to give Mina the male perspective, which may be irrelevant and totally off the point. But still.

A scene where Ellie said "Tang ina." is my favorite. It brilliantly sums up the building tension at that point in the story; but you will have to read FTF to know what I'm talking about.

By the way, don't you think Fairy Tale Fail as a title is rather Brechtian?

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Tina Like! :D

K.D. Absolutely Solid Mina Fans' Club!

Emir Never K.D. wrote: "Solid Mina Fans' Club!"

Haha, of course! And you're the President!

Joselito Honestly and Brilliantly Mina Esguerra, the Virginia Woolf of the Philippines!

Emir Never Joselito wrote: "Mina Esguerra, the Virginia Woolf of the Philippines!"

A major major fan takes over!

Monique Aaaah. Dito pala nagsimula ang presidency ni Atty Joselito ng fan club ni Mina. :D

Monique Emir, di ko rin nga gets ang ibig sabihin ng "fail" sa mga expressions eh. Mga "epic fail", mga ganun. Ano ba yun?

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Emir Never KD, you mean you only read liked now this honest and brilliant (to borrow Joselito's verbal appendages) review of mine?!

Omaygas! (To borrow one of my son's expressions.)

I'll see you next week for sure, sorry about this week. Thanks for Casmurro and Responde!

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