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Unspoken Desires by Stormy Glenn
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** spoiler alert ** **4.5** I think this is my favourite book in the series. I loved having all the triads present and interacting so we could see how similar but still how different the tri-omegas really are. I loved Brom and Daniel, they're a sweet couple, and add in Jaryn and you have another perfect tri-mating. Add some sweet little cubs and it's the perfect little family.

This book seemed to have more angst and pain than the others, except maybe the last one, and the plot flowed and kept me wanting more. One of the differences in my opinion was that there wasn't as much sex, or maybe I'm wrong in remembering that, but I just feel like as much as I like Stormy's sex scenes, this one had just the right amount. And I have to say that I thought Jaryn got ripped off with his tri-omega ability until that emotional scene near the end when he tied Ryland and Gregory's links back together - that was a very heart-wrenching and beautiful scene. I'm going to miss this series - I think this is the last one - but I'm really happy it ended with such a great book.

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