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Inside Out by Terry Trueman
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Nov 30, 10

it was amazing
Read on November 30, 2010

Inside Out is a story told through Zach. He's sitting in a coffee shop waiting on his mom to pick him up and give him his medication so he won't have visits from Dirtbag and Rat, voices Zach hears when he's late taking his medications. Two guys, Frosty and Stormy as Zach is told, come to rob the shop.

Trueman writes a powerful, gripping story. Zach comes off to Frosty, Stormy, and the others as a "retard" because he asks off the wall questions when he should be more concerned about these two boys who have guns. Trueman clearly expresses the emotions Zach feels or lack there of. He easily expresses how the other characters perceive him; Stormy thinks he's crazy and dumb; Frosty feels bad for him and most of the hostages see him the same as Stormy.

But what makes this a great book is the emotion or lack there of that leaks from the pages and the emotion that stirs from within you. It's close to being indescribable.

Addict's Last Words: You just have to read it. It's one of those books that you have to read it to really see how amazing it was.

To Buy or To Borrow: Either or.

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