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Dream Warrior by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Nov 30, 2010

really liked it
Read in July, 2010

This was Kenyon's first Dream Hunter novel that I really enjoyed as well as some of my favorite Dark Hunter stories. While her previous Dream Hunter outings were certainly entertaining, I didn't connect with them as I did the characters in this story.

Kenyon has no doubt improved greatly as a writer. Her stories are more fluid now and the pacing feels right. I also get the sense that she's not "trying" so hard as I did with earlier work. She could still use improvement but much better than she used to be.

Kenyon finds a nice balance here between the love story of the lead hero and heroine and the ongoing mythology arc in her series. I thought she wove in all the other characters, their backgrounds and ongoing details really nicely. I found myself equally interested in all aspects.

One thing I've always felt a teensy bit disappointed with in Kenyon's novels is the physical strength of the female lead. While they are often mentioned as good fighters, it's not often shown; only bits here and there and then usually the hero sweeps in and saves her. In Dream Warrior however, I got the first real sense that the heroine, Delphine, could serve it up as well as the man. It was a very pleasant surprise. The heroine also came across as a lady while also being bold with her sexuality which is not always the case. I liked this very much.

Cratus/Jericho is one of the better heroes in the series. His character stays true to form throughout the story and he's delicious in his alpha-male glory and secret vulnerability.

And of course, Kenyon's sex scenes are fantastic. They're adult and contemporary without the ridiculous flowery language some books offer.

I do wish however, the artwork on the covers looked more like the characters. Cratus/Jericho looks nothing like the man on the cover.
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