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Spectyr by Philippa Ballantine
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Sep 01, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: fantasy, urban-paranormal-fantasy
Read from July 17 to 31, 2011

Zofiya, the Grand Duchess and sister to Emperor of Delmaire, has a strong belief in a goddess and a religion of almost 1000 years in a world where most have lost their faith with the coming of geists. She believes her goddess, Hatipai, has guided her to find the Dark Angle who is to kill the Pretender, as he is to bring geists to the land. The very Pretender, Raed Rossin, who saved her life in the end of Geist.

Scorcha and Merrick are happy find they are on a "real" case after all the imaginary geist hunts they've been sent on, and ends up more than they bargained for. With the Spectyrs they fight, a person of their past gives Scorcha a glimpse into the Void to see the future. Scorcha sees the man she can't get off her mind, Raed, is in grave danger. Scorcha and Merrick offer to take a case, or an escort mission, to the place they think will be the center of this trouble.

Raed is enjoying life on land once again. Until her receives a letter from his father stating his sister was taken. Raed feeling guilty of the attention he has brought to his family and the love for his family heads off to find her.

We are brought right back into the thick of things with each of our main characters with a quick start that leaves you flipping the pages to learn more on the happenings. We start by catching up with each character in their own part of the world, then bringing them together quickly. No stalling in getting to the story line here, which I enjoy. We pick up new secondary characters with these characters as well. Through the secondary characters we see the reactions and more history of our main group, along with another view of the world as well. Scorcha has now accepted completely her bond with Merrick, and finds she actually likes it and him. The bond is strong and... special. I have to say my favorite of this book was with Merrick! Oh boy do we learn a great GREAT deal through him. Both of him, of the past, and the present! Wonderful character and great growth in the world!

There is no time wasted at the beginning of this book to refresh our memories, which I enjoy. I get bored with the refresher starts that feel like wasted pages to me. Here we get pieces of the refresher throughout the book, when we are needed to remember them to fit the pieces of the story together. Oh, we had it all before and know it now, but Philippa does a nice job of reminding us briefly what we might have forgotten to piece it together as a series.

Once again I loved jumping back into this series. I do feel Philippa has a wonderful writing style in the way she tells a story and weaves a detailed world through the characters. This world and history of it is very detailed, and told wonderfully with the characters. I love the setting with the geists, spectyrs and all along with the Deacons and systems to deal with them. And the characters are quick and fun.

Definitely a wonderful addition to the series. Much more to learn here and looking forward to what we have in future books as well!

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Reading Progress

07/17/2011 page 73
23.0% "I'm curious about the Geistlords fighting for power here. And how the Deacons are going to help stop them and save Raed too."
07/19/2011 page 88
28.0% "Interesting secret read Merrick found. I'm curious how handy this will come in. :)"
07/21/2011 page 137
43.0% "Oh Merrick... So much we are starting to learn of you. Then this happens!"

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Bastard This book arrived a couple of weeks ago, but haven't had time for it. Will look forward to your reaction.

message 2: by Wonderbunny (new)

Wonderbunny I just finished the first look. I am looking forward to the next.

Melissa Hayden Wonderbunny, I do hope you enjoy this one. I really like Philippa's writing style. And the world here is so full and rich! :)

Bastard I think I'll be reading this one within the next two weeks, hearing good things about it so far. Better than the first one?

Melissa Hayden I think so. I know there is still some Scorcha & Raed which seemed to not work for you in the first book. But this book has more with Merrick. And I really liked the history built and used in this one from that angle. We learn a lot about Merrick here.

Bastard It's a balancing act. I actually like when people get paired up, etc. etc. I just think the focus should be on the plot rather than when I'm going to get my freak on with so and so. If I want that I would just go read a PNR or a Romance novel.

But we'll see.

For those looking for Paranormal in traditional fantasy settings, the YA Wereworld by Curtis Jobling might be worth the look.

I've only read the first one so far, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. But haven't seen much female reaction to it, will have to take a look around again as I read it some months ago.

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