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Lost Voices by Sarah  Porter
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Nov 29, 2010

it was ok
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Read from December 09 to 10, 2010

It’s exceptionally well written. The first portion is haunting and so sad. All that said, I honestly had a difficult time getting into the whole mermaid mythology being offered. I was quite skeptical about this vengeful version of mermaids. Surprising given my penchant for anything paranormal. I can take any werewolf, vampire, faerie book out there... I guess, I’m just not into fish girls.

Like I said, the writing itself was solid. That the author prefaced the whole book with a song from Radiohead also guaranteed I’d see it through.

Luce. God, how pitiful can one character get? Her father is dead; she doesn’t fit in. And her Uncle is a douche (of epic proportions.) After a very brutal attack, Luce has nowhere to go. She falls from a cliff but doesn’t die. Instead, finds herself turned into a mermaid. Only her type of mermaid isn’t the disneyfied likes of Ariel (Sorry, I just had to put her in.) Here, the mermaids are vindictive; creatures that use their voices to lure people to their death. This is where she finds herself. Should she lose what little bit of humanity she has left by doing as the others do? Or should she stay as she is and be forsaken by them?

The abrupt shift from her depressing human reality to another one peopled with creatures of unimaginable beauty tells me (a) that maybe, she might have fallen hard and been concussed, or (b) that the author is trying her darndest to fit the pieces together. Its just too much a stretch; one that I find a little INcredible. OK, maybe the abruptness can be explained away by the suddenness of her death as well. But still…

There is no way of reconciling my childhood’s notion of sweet Ariel and scary Catarina. On one hand, mermaids hold a dear and special place in my heart because that movie is one of my earliest memories. On the other, there are these creatures that exist solely because of human cruelty. The very cruelty that drives them to lure humans (good, bad, young and old) to their death. Scary? Yes. So, perhaps it’s just early childhood training that’s keeping me from swallowing this story hook, line and sinker (corny! pun intended.) Or maybe it’s the concept of an eye for an eye (and then some) that’s just pushing this book away from a solid 5 star rating.

But once you get used to this type of mermaid, things really start get interesting especially as the focus becomes one of friendship and of betrayal. It’s almost as if this book could be split in two, both parts of which would be pretty decent reads on their own: Luce’s relationships with Catarina, Miriam as well as her non-relationship with Anais; the tribe dynamic; Anais' manipulation; the mermaids' shame and Luce unwillingness to bend to any of it, made LOST VOICES much more than just a (vengeful) mermaid story.

Solid writing (+1.)
Haunting start (+1).
Luce and her friends (+1.)
but just a tad unbelievable (-1)
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message 1: by Rollie (new)

Rollie I've seen this in the site. Unfortunately, my request hasn't been approved for an ARC. But since you have't really liked this book, I won't waste my time resending a request. haha

Isamlq i didnt really not like it... in fact, the second half saved the entire book for me...

Jolie Rolie Polie we all have differnt opinions-i loved it. :)

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