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Dance of the Gods by Nora Roberts
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Jan 10, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: magic, author-nora-roberts
Read in January, 2011

** spoiler alert ** This book follows how the circle of 6 makes it to Grelll and Moria is responsible for Cian getting there.

Larkin and Blair befriend the local dragons and they train ALL people in the castle and neighboring lands.

Moria and Cian become lovers and Moria takes a sword from a stone and becomes the warrior queen

Lilith (vampire queen) has a vampire child and he is getting uncontrollable and the child kills a leader of the army for Moria and Hoyt manages to kill him

In the final battle Lilith comes after Moria and Cian kills her but her army is strong

Hoyt and Glenna have a spell that will raise the sun(in the middle of the night) and it will kill all vampires,
Cian gets them to give him the Grell key to the dance and he intends to leave Moria to her kingdom.

MOria never says good bye and is sad..

Larkin and Blair return to New York and Hoyt and Glenna return to the same time but in Ireland....

Cian gets drunk a lot trying to forget his human lover but he cannot

He has gifted the house in Ireland to Hoyt and the other try to get him to visit them but he refuses.

He is getting wealthy and acquiring new properties then he visited by Morrigan and she asks him if he would prefer to live forever and be wealthy or live a short life with Moria and die of old age...

Everyone is traveling to Grell to visit Moria (this was part of their gift from Morrigan) and Moria is getting the Castle ready for their visit when she is surprised by Cian who says 'if my heart could beat it would beat for you' then she feels his heart beating and they kiss and marry and live a long and happy life

Thru out the story there is a story teller who is entertaining children during winter evening and at the end we find out that he is actually Cian .....

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