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Homeboyz by Alan Sitomer
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Nov 29, 2010

it was amazing
Read from November 29 to December 09, 2010

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11/29/2010 page 23
8.0% "currently im at chapter 3 and this book is pretty interesting. mostly about family revenge and gangs. okay so what i've just read these past 23 pages was about this young 14year old girl, and she got shot by this gang called "O-1-0" and after her older brother Teddy heard that, Teddy went for his sister's revenge (Teddy is 6'1 big and buffed) and Teddy spots them in front of this liquor store teasing the manager."
12/02/2010 page 60
21.0% "Right now in my book, what's happening is , teddy got arrested and he's just got out of jail for doing gang related crimes. Teddy got out with the help of his father Bill and now teddy's mom and dad is just lecturing him about how stupid it was to go get revenge for his sister."
12/09/2010 page 108
38.0% "At page 60 thru 108, Teddy got arrested for gang fighting with the 0-1-0 and while he was in jail, he shut his mouth. He shut his mouth because if u open your mouth to much in jail, you'll get beat up. So Teddy was sented to court in jail and his dad was his lawyer that got him out after 2 weeks."
12/09/2010 page 160
56.0% "At page 108 thru 16, Teddy was just being lectured by his dad about how stupid it was to go get revenge for his sister. His dad was lecturing him because he didn't want to lose another child of his. Also, even though he got out of jail, he's still house arrested and have to do about 1000 community service hour to get out of house arrest."
12/09/2010 page 209
73.0% "At page 160 thru 209, Teddy was hacking into some super advance secruity system called the "CILET".and his sister walked in and started to say how he always be causing trouble to the family. So him and his sister started to argue and his brother and father came in and told them to break it up but instead the brother got into a fight with Teddy."
12/09/2010 page 288
100.0% "At page 209 thru 288, Micah told Teddy that it wasn't 0-1-0 that killed his sister. He told him it was "SERPENT STREET" that killed her. Also it was a plan for them to make the merks think that the 0-1-0 killed her. The plan was to make people not go to their terroity so they don't buy their drugs since their terroity is dangerous. So they would go to the SERP's terroity to buy drugs and make a lot more money"
12/09/2010 page 288
100.0% "(Continued) Teddy got pissed because Micah didn't tell him that earlier. Also Micah joined the serp's just to get some info about who's the guy that gunned down Teddy's sister. Micah got all beaten up and almost died just for Teddy. So now that Teddy knew who gunned her down, he went after them. Teddy also found out that the killer didn't know that he was killing her for the plan though."
12/09/2010 page 288
100.0% "(Continued again) the killer also killed himself cause the serp's killed his pregant girl cause he was going to leave the serp's and might spill some info out about the plan. Now Teddy went after the serp's leader (Eevil). Teddy asked for a one on one brawl. Both fought bravely but Teddy still won. Teddy would of got jumped by the other gang members but Micah called Diaz to get a squad team so Teddy got saved."
12/09/2010 page 288
100.0% "(Continued)(last one) now that all the family drama was over, Teddy's family decided to take Micah into the family the family also moved to another place safer. Now the family is all happy :) the end"

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