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Eternal Flame by Cynthia Eden
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Dec 04, 10


Zane, Zane, Zane. What a naughty demon you have been, teasing me since way back in the first Night Watch book. Making me want to see you the star of your own book, making me wait anxiously for your story. You made an impression, and now it is your turn.

Through books one and two of Night Watch, Zane was The One. You know, the one you enjoy in his brief scenes, the one who catches your imagination and leaves you wanting more. Well, I was thrilled to find out Zane's book was coming out, but I was curious since the two females I thought might be a match for him...weren't. The first one took off, and, well, Zane actually killed the second one, so there went that. Turns out our Zane was destined to meet his match in Jana, a gal with more than a few secrets of her own.

Zane is a hybrid, half human and half demon. He is one of the most lethal of hunters at the Night Watch agency, not stopping until his bounty is brought in or dead. Of all of the hunters, he is the one who sticks most to the shadows - even though he would lay down his life for any of his friends, he can't let them get too close to the real him. Because even though Zane is only a half breed, he is more powerful than anyone knows.

Jana has spent her entire life taking care of herself. She fights her own battles, and doesn't look for help from anyone. The fact that this all-to-human woman is a rare Ignitor is both her blessing and her curse. Her power is deadly...but it is that very ability that puts her in the sights of a group that wants nothing more than to exterminate the supernaturals - using Jana as the weapon.

When Zane and Jana meet, it is literally fireworks. Forced together, on the run and fighting for their lives, they form an unlikely partnership. But even more surprising is the fact that they find themselves trusting each other, when neither trusts easily. As they struggle to survive a war coming at them from all sides, they can only depend on each other.

What is great about Cynthia Eden is that she writes strong female characters. These women (and they are women, not girls), can take care of themselves. They don't need the big strong man (shifter, vamp, charmer or were)to sweep in and save the day...they do their share of the saving themselves. These women become partners with their males, and Jana is no exception. Even though she possesses an amazing power, that is only part of what makes her strong. She is brave, determined, and stands her ground. Both she and Zane have had more than their share of pain in their pasts, and both have found their way through. They survive the best they can, despite the odds.

As I said before, I was looking forward to Zane's story all along, and I enjoyed getting to know him. He came from a painful, tragic background (as all of the good ones do), but is was his fear of his powers, of what he was capable of, that haunted him the most. It is only when Jana not only accepts him as he is, but loves him as he is, that he can find some trust in himself.

It was great to see Erin and Jude, Dee and Simon back in action again. But the two most intriguing for me were Pak and Tony. They both caught my attention in the previous books, but they shone here. I don't know if a book is in the works for the mysterious Pak, but it would just be cruel if Tony wasn't up next. We are left hanging about his future, and that just won't due.

So, another great read from Cynthia Eden, and that leaves us waiting for next year's Never Cry Wolf, featuring another favorite secondary character from one of her other books, Lucas the Wolf shifter. And you know how those wolves are...

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