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Survival in Auschwitz by Primo Levi
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May 19, 2012

it was amazing

"And night came, and it was such a night that one knew that human eyes would not witness it and survive. ...See what men do when they know they have to die."

"Nothing belongs to us any more; they take away our clothes, our shoes, even our hair; if we speak, they will not listen to use, and if they listen, they will not understand. They will even take away our name: and if we want to keep it, we will have to find ourselves the strength to do so, to manage somehow so that behind the name something of us, of us as we were, still remains."

"Warum?' I asked him in my poor German. 'Hier ist kein warum' (there is no why here) he replied."

"Precisely because the Lager was a great machine to reduce us to beasts, we must not become beasts... the power to refuse our consent... not because the regulation states it, but for dignity and propriety... To remain alive, not to begin to die."

"Or is it raining, windy and you have the usual hunger, and then you think that if you really had to, if you really felt nothing in your heart but suffering and tedium... in that case, at any moment you want you could always go and touch the electric wire-fence, or throw yourself under the shunting trains, and then it would stop raining."

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