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The Crown Conspiracy by Michael J. Sullivan
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Nov 28, 2010

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Read in January, 2011

I stumbled upon this as I found a link to a free audio copy (CCL).
It reminded me very much of books I read quite a bit back by Gary Gygax, Fred Saberhagen and Fritz Leiber.
It's what I would call a classic fantasy story, with unlikely heroes who are capable of pretty much anything and can't help but banter every now and again.
I won't call it great or complex, but it was a fun read and ended too soon for my liking.
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Michael Hey Martin,
Thanks for checking out the book. I think you are "dead on". Many people compare it to Leiber (interestingly enough I've never read those books). I wrote the whole series as one big story separated into six episodes with their own conflict and resolution. I actually wrote this series "backward" from the standpoint that the last book is the "best" and the first is the weakest link...Strange I know but at the time I wasn't planning on publishing them so I could do whatever I wanted and I wanted to write a series where each book got better than the one before.

I think if you proceed to the next story - you'll start to see a bit of the larger story that begins to emerge. Crown is just a fun romp - and in many ways stands apart from the rest of the serie's intertwining story threads. I'm just starting to get reviews in on the final book Percepliquis and by all indications I accomplished my goal of a strong finish.

I'm glad to see you have the new Orbit versions on your shelf and since it ended too soon for your liking maybe you'll take a chance and go furhther. I think if you do you might discover something new and interesting. I'm anxious to hear what you think.

Martin Hi Michael,
The reason I found this book appealing enough to "commit" to reading the following books and what brought memories of Leiber and Gygax is the strong two man team of Royce and Hadrian; the easy going rogue and the strong companion, with a well worked dialogue/banter.
The second connection was the fairly "simple" and straight forward story, that has few parallel story threads. The Martin's and Erikson's creates very complex interviewing story lines, to the extent that it gets hard to tell what the whole tapestry is supposed to depict.

As all drug peddlers know; if you have an addictive product it pays to give the first one away for free. :-)

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