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The Blood of Flowers by Anita Amirrezvani
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Nov 28, 2010

Read on November 28, 2010

This novel tells the story of a young Iranian girl who lives in a small village with her mother and father. Her father is a carpet maker and she learns from him how to knot the rugs. One day while her father is out harvesting in the fields he faints or something like that. He dies the next day and thus leaving his wife and daughter in a perilous predicament as they have no one to provide income to their home any longer. This little family doesn't really have any family to turn to for help except for Isma'il half brother who they haven't seen in about 20 years. Maheen is forced to send him a letter in hopes of some support and help because they are slowly selling off household items and will soon not have enough to survive. They make the journey to Isfahan and meet up with the half brother (Gostaham). He is doing very well as he is the master in he Shah's carpet making workshop. Gordiyeh, wife to Gostaham house her poor relatives in the smallest room next to the latrine. So, they have descended in stature as they have no wealth and are treated as servants in the household. The uncle does discover his niece's passion for rug making and takes her under his wing to teach her some aspects of the craft but he laments to her too bad she isn't a boy who could actually be apprenticed to truly master the art of rug making. Her uncle is kind to her in some ways but his wife rules their household and he feels uncomfortable with interfering in women troubles so basically she runs over Maheen and her niece. The niece struggles with trying to please her mother and following the advice of her aunt who pushes her to get involved in a temporary marriage but the young niece

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