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Succubus on Top by Richelle Mead
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Nov 28, 2010

really liked it
Read in November, 2010

** spoiler alert ** This gets 4.5 stars. If you are looking for s sexy book then this is the one for you. I blushed many times and didn't think anyone could be steamier than JR Ward. This has hetero sex, girl on girl, and a bit of self love. It fit into the story since Georgina is a succubus and all. I grew to enjoy the character development and the relationship between Seth and Georgina. Although, I can't say that I understand it. Obviously they are soul mates. Seth has such in common with Kryatos, her first husband that she cheated on. In this story she cheats on Seth with her closest friend and incubus, Bastien who is a really fun character. I can't tell if Seth is a doormat, glutton for punishment, or just genuinely in love. Georgina also puts herself in positions to screw up, almost as if she is sef sabotaging herself. I like both leads so much that I can't really decide that they belong together or would be better apart. I jumped ahead and read summaries of other books, I don't know if I like where the story is going. These are a fun read so I'll give them a shot. And FYI, so saw that Dana was gay from the beginning.

Things to remember
- Jerome is Georgina's demon supervisor.
- Carter is an angel who hangs out withe the demons, mostly Jerome. They are so close that they are either the best of friends or lovers.
- Hugh is an imp that barters for souls.
- Peter and Cody are vampires. Peter is the second oldest to Georgina while Cody is "new" by only being a vampire for 10 years.
- Doug works with Georgina and she is now his boss. He is also the lead singer of Nocturnal Admission.
- Bastien is an incubus who has been like a brother to Georgina. He impersonates Seth so that he can sleep with her. He just wants to be even closer to her.
- Roman is a nephilim, part angel from when Jerome was an angel and a human woman. He fell in love with Georgina whonturned him into Carter and Jerome. He's currently on the run. He sister was killed by Carter.
- Erik is a older human male who knows about immortals. Georgina goes to him for information.
- Maddie is Doug's sister and future love interest for Seth. Already hate her.
- Paige is the pregnant store manager who goes on maturnity leave. Georgina replaces her as manager.
- Warren is the owner of Elmerald City Books and used to sleep with Georgina.

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