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Radiant Shadows by Melissa Marr
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Nov 28, 2010

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All his life, Devlin has been served the High Queen, the one he calls sister, Sorcha. He has been the Bloodied Hands, the High Court’s assassin, since he was created. However, he disobeyed his Queen once—and he’s about to pay for it. He had no idea how things would ended up when he didn’t kill Ani, the half-mortal, when she was a little girl.

Now Ani is a grown up girl—and she’s hungry. She feeds on both human and faery emotions and touchs. She’s fighting against her father’s rules, trying to help Irial to find out exactly what she is and how she can help the former Dark King. What she doesn’t expect, however, is to be so attracted by the faery she sees one day at the Crow’s Nest; and how that’s going to change her life.

When Sorcha sends Devlin to look after Seth in the mortal world, he has to face the consequences of his betrayal, and he also has to deal with War, the chaos, that one who he also calls sister, Bananach. Devlin has to make a choice, but he’s already too hooked up to Ani to let her go.

Radiant Shadows is an important link between Fragile Eternity and the last chapter of Wicked Lovely series, Darkest Mercy; however, I would say it’s a little bit confusing. For now we know tons of characters that will play an important role to finish the saga, but I feel like we’re introduced to too many people in such a short time—and some things were kinda forgotten in the process, like who the hell is Rae? Considering how long it’s taking to Marr to publish the last book, I’m hoping it’s going to be better than Radiant Shadows.

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