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Kissed by an Angel/The Power of Love/Soulmates by Elizabeth Chandler
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Nov 28, 2010

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I decided to read this book because it was recently released in Brazil and I saw a lot of people talking about it—and I did read just the first book of the trilogy. That been told, I need to say this book broke my heart in a way that I’m not really sure I can stand the second book, but that was totally personal. I lost someone I loved too much and I never told him that, so it was impossible, for me, not think about him for the moment Tristan died (and don’t waste your time being mad at me for telling it here, if you did read the synopsis, you already knew he dies!).

Since ever, Ivy’s believed in angels. She and her little brother, Phillip, used to pray for them every night, and she believes they’ve helped her at least once. However, when Tristan dies in a car accident, she stops believing—if they’re real, why didn’t they save him?—, exactly when he needs her to believe the most: now Tristan is an angel. He never believed on it, until he wakes up from the accident, just to find out he is dead. But if he’s dead, how can be possible he’s still walking among the humans and watching everything and talking? If he’s dead, why is he still there?

I thought it was really cute the way the author showed us Tristan trying to win Ivy’s heart. He’s one of the best swimmers of the school, she’s an ordinary girl (well, not that ordinary, considering her mom just got married with a really rich man) who never expected him to have a brain. Her friends spent a lot of time trying to show her Tristan was worth it—and he was totally into her—, but Ivy is stubborn and he had to win her over.

I’d probably read the second book if it weren’t for the “personal situation”. I’m curious to see if the end of this saga is as cliché as I think it is, but I’ll probably look for it in some reviews rather than putting myself into this again.

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Jodie The second book along with the third brings a closure you should defiantly read them I promise it is worth it

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