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The Ersatz Elevator by Lemony Snicket
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Dec 06, 10

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For Beatrice-
When we met, my life began.
Soon afterward, yours ended.

I give this installment in the long and beginning-to-get-tiresome Baudelaire series, 4 stars out of 5. I liked hearing about Jerome and Esmé and the huge apartment and what was "in" and what wasn't. Even though, I'm not that big on fashion, I do know what looks ugly and what looks fabulous. Reading about Esmé's obsession on what was in and what was out was fascinating. Esmé was huge on keeping updated. She always sacrificed comfortableness for being up to date on the latest trends. I enjoyed learning that elevators were out and pinstripe suits were in; ocean decoration was in and trout was out. It reminded me of the Shopaholic series, with Becky's innocent (but deadly) desires to shop and etcetera.

Jerome Squalor reminded me of Uncle Monty. He was as nice as him. It only began getting apparent later on, that he didn't like to argue and was putty in his wife's hands. That was annoying. It showed that he was sort of a coward. Jerome, alone, would have been a great guardian. Almost as great as Dr. Montgomery. I don't see why Jerome put up with his terrible wife.

It's a shame that the children didn't listen to the Quagmires when they had the chance! They should have waited and listened, so that they could have found out what VFD was! Violet could have at least spared A SINGLE MINUTE! But, nooo. Oh well. Their loss.

The part with the elevator shaft and the children climbing up and down was cool. I remember being impressed the first time I read this book and saw that there were 2 pages full of black ink to represent ho the Baudelaires felt whilst falling down the shaft. I've never seen anything like that in a book.

I also liked the auction. Reminded me once more of the Shopaholic series. I really thought the Quagmires were in the VFD, whatever that was. Never thought they were inside the red herring. Oh. Speaking of that, I forgot the doorman was one of Olaf's accomplices! I honestly thought he was genuinely good!

Tim Curry's narration was amazing. However, I learned that you should never search for how a narrator looks like. Instead of concentrating on the words, you'll be concentrating on the voice itself! Just like in Bolt, when they made a big deal that Miley was voicing one of the characters. While watching the movie, because of that big publicity, all I could see was Miley! However, besides that, it doesn't change the fact that Curry was amazing and absolutely fit for the job to narrate the book.


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12/04/2010 page 12
4.0% "I gave a listen to the audio book and I was surprised. The voice was different. I thought it was Lemony Snicket's, but according to Wikipea, it was Tim Curry! I thought Tim Curry was the one who narrated the others. I must change my review. Anyway, I was really surprised. He does an amazing job of doing the characters! I'm going to download the rest of his audios and I will read this book via Tim Curry's audio book."
12/04/2010 page 12
4.0% "I did a quick look-see on who exactly Tim Curry was. Turns out he was the dude from Rocky Horror! I WAS BLOWN AWAY. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT THAT THIS AMAZING VOICE WAS OWNED BY THE GUY WHO SANG SWEET TRANSVESTITE!"

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