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Still Life with Woodpecker by Tom Robbins
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May 29, 09

bookshelves: men-s-fiction, relationships
Recommended for: philosphers & historians
Read in January, 2008

I liked this a lot. It speaks to me. I love the idea of the Outlaw being in love with Love and life, and damn everything else. Couple problems though: One with Robbins' writing; One with his philosophy. Writng first--too many similies that just stopped me. They make no sense. They don't help me to see, or set a mood, or understand. They're just plain dumb--too cute comes to mind. His philosophy--if society has no consequence, which is what he implies, then why be an Outlaw? He asserts society and its rules create "dullards." True enough; but that's hardly inconsequental. His idea that CHOICE is a gift from aliens (read the book) is not a whole lot different than the Christian belief that free will is a gift from god. And this bothers me: writing IS consequental, it is a part of what he acknowledges--that everything matters. I'm afraid this book, and I do like it a lot, contributed to the "bonfire of the vanities."
Books have impact, especially good ones. I can forgive him, though, because I was alive and an outlaw during the 70's & 80's ... drinking tequila, smoking dope, and snorting coke--just like Robbins.

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