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The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith
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Nov 28, 10

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Read in November, 2010

** spoiler alert ** I enjoyed reading Smith's Nightworld series (and I'm waiting for the last book to appear on bookshelves), but I'd never read the Vapire Diaries series so I decided to give it a go and bought the box set of the first four books in the series.

Book 1 (finished reading on 26/11/2010): Elena is a main character the likes of which I've not come across since Jane Austen's Emma. She is utterly selfish!

The love story between Elena and Stefan happened a bit too quickly and didn't have much of a grounding in the story's reality, I felt.

However, the most startling thing for me is how many elements and story ideas in this first book in the Vampire Diaries series, which was first published in 1991, made it into Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series! There's a love triangle; a psychic who is the heroine's good friend; vampires that don't eat humans; vampires that can go wandering about in the daylight; a non-typical family set up for the heroine...

It's staggering.

Book 2 (finished reading on 26/11/2010): A bit slower going. Stefan is hurt, Elena rescues him, Damon tells Elena he wants her and will have her... And then there's trouble from a human rival and Elena has to try and stop her before she can cause trouble for Stefan.

Another story idea that made it into the Twilight series: the heroine is turned into a vampire.

Book 3 (finished reading on 27/11/2010): A real tear-jerker at the end but this book features a surprising little twist in the story that sees Elena, Damon and Stefan uniting to battle a dangerous entity hell-bent on murder. I didn't see the end coming and I'm wondering what Book 4 is going to be about!

Book 4 (finished reading on 28/11/2010): The worst that could happen to a heroine has happened - she's dead. But she stays in contact with her friends through Bonnie's psychic abilities and dreams and warns them about another dangerous evil that has come to the town. And then we have the last story idea that is also in the Twilight series - a werewolf bloodline whose members are human until something triggers their werewolf gene.

All in all, I have not enjoyed this series as much as I did the Nightworld stories (there seemed to be more emphasis on plot than characters), but it was a pleasant way to spend several days.
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