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Shoot to Thrill by P.J. Tracy
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Nov 25, 2010

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Don't get me wrong. I loved this book. Not only is it another P.J. Tracy book, but this one features the Monkeewrench crew more heavily in this book than the previous book (Snow Blind). It's just that this book had one or two things I'm just not entirely sure about.

This volume of the Monkeewrench series focuses on killers who are videotaping their murderous exploits. The FBI is at a loss as they appeal to various internet geniuses (including the Monkeewrench crew) for assistance. The Minneapolis police become involved after one of the latest killings happens right in their backyard. The FBI send in agent John Smith to work along side the Monkeewrench crew as the threat of more videotaped murders escalate.

I loved the idea of murderers videotaping their kills & having the Monkeewrench team track them down. It really hasn't been done all that much, all things considering. I also loved that we get more of the Monkeewrench crew in this book. Not that I don't love Gino & Magozzi, but the Monkeewrench team really are the bright points of the series. The pacing for the murders is nice & I really found myself getting caught up in the whodunnit.

There's just a few things that didn't sit right with me. From the very beginning of the series it's been said over & over again that the Monkeewrench crew isn't comfortable with the FBI or any government agency. However, when John Smith comes into their lives & literally spends every waking hour in their homes, they greet him with nearly open arms. I know that their position towards the government has softened somewhat from the beginning of the series, but this was a little far fetched. Not by much, but enough that I just didn't really find their interactions all that believable. Then there's Smith's interactions with Grace. There is some sort of weird chemistry between the two of them, but of what type it really isn't clear. Plus she seems to open up to him a little too fast as well- it just seemed sort of out of character for her & I didn't really see enough interaction between the two of them to justify such a connection.

Overall though, I really enjoyed this book & I'm glad that P.J. Tracy has put out another book. I just have to warn people- if you haven't read any of the previous books in the series then you are going to be lost as far as character development goes. The basic plot can be read as a standalone, but there's not a lot of rehashing of character development & there's a few things mentioned to that extent that relies on you having read the previous books in the series.
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message 1: by Paige-lee (new)

Paige-lee thank you for adding that last paragraph! i was hoping there wouldn't be too much rehashing since i couldnt get any of the previous ones but now that i know that i'll wait until i can start from scratch. i hate having missing holes and referred to events that i havent read. thank you :)

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