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Hold Me Closer, Necromancer by Lish McBride
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Dec 25, 10

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A zombie panda, severed head... who you can hold a conversation with, an elderly neighbour who gets more action that the younger hero and a harbinger with a taste for waffles... I could go on with the crazy awesome weirdness, but I'll let you see for yourself when you read. Because you really SHOULD read this book. Hold Me Closer, Necromancer is a fantastic debut from Lish McBride. Samhain Corvus LaCroix - Sam to his friends - is a college dropout wilting away his life as a grill cook. But Sam and his friends make even the most bleak job seem exciting - potato hockey is going to be the next big thing in the world of sport, mark my words. But one fateful night on the job at Plumpy's, everything spirals out of control for Sam, Ramon, Frank and Brooke when Sam registers on an extremely powerful necromancer's radar.

Sam discovers that he too, is a necromancer (mama's been keeping secrets) and that having the head of the Council, Douglas, find out about him is so not a good thing. Douglas is creepy and well, downright evil. He only cares about himself and maintaining power and will go to any means possible to achieve what he wants. He's not one for subtlety, either. He sends Sam a 'message' nicely wraped in brown paper and string - the severed head of one of his friends. Reanimated. Living as only a head is a pretty awful existence - try it sometime, restrict the use of the rest of your body. Yeah, not so fun, huh? Anyway, Douglas isn't one for patience either, because it doesn't take him long to kidnap Sam and throw him into a sadistic cage with fellow hostage, Brid. A hybrid werewolf/faerie, who's pretty darn awesome. On the plus, she's naked. Small comfort when you're in the basement of a psychotic, powerful necromancer with a viscious werewolf to do his bidding.

In the days spent confined to the cage - amidst horrible torture (or as psychotic, powerful necromancer refers to them: 'lessons'), he and Brid develop somewhat of a relationship. I'm curious to see this grow more in the sequel - especially since we'll more than likely be seeing more of Brid's family and pack. I love her brother, Sean, already! We're also introduced to aforementioned harbringer, Ashley, while they're imprisoned. Let's just say that every one of the secondary characters in this book are awesome. Fact. The whole supernatural world appears to be pretty extensive and while we only catch a glimpse of some of the paranormals (werewolves, faeries, vampires, witches, even a fury and satyr), I'm really hoping we'll see more of these explored in the next book. Even if we don't, it's still going to be awesome.

The story is also told in multiple POV's. Sam's is in first person, but then we get to have a more rounded perspective of everything happening from additional characters written in third person. It definitely adds to the eerie, creep-factor of Douglas. One will develop a strong dislike for him, which is perfect because that means he's a great villain. The book ends with a fantastic showdown and leaves an opening for the next book. Which I'm eagerly awaiting to see what happens with a certain character-in-peril and how Sam is going to deal with his powers, new position and where his relationship with Brid is headed.

Overall, I would highly recommmend this. It had me laughing out loud a lot of the time and creeped out the next. One of my favourite reads of 2010. Now can someone please can get me the second book, stat!
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Lish McBride
“No wonder I'd always felt lost. I actually was. The knowledge felt terrible, but in a strange way, it also felt good. Now I knew why I'd never connected to anything. Why I felt like I was outside the world around me, moving at a different speed from everyone else. That amputated piece of me explained everything, even why I'd failed at college. But that kind of blanket excuse can be dangerous. Crutches usually are.”
Lish McBride, Hold Me Closer, Necromancer

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