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Pride by Rachel Vincent
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Nov 25, 2010

really liked it
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Read on November 26, 2010

Pride is probably my favourite in this deries so far.

It starts off during Fathyes trial. Faythe is on trial for the infection of her EX-boyfriend Andrew Wallace.In the previous book Fathye accidently bit Andrew. But in usual cases that should not have been possible by accident, because to infect someone you have to be Shifted(just in case you didnt know Fathye is part of a Pride of Werecats. Anyone outside of the Pride that was bitten is a Stray"the lower class" ,or you can be a Pridecat who left and be a Wildcat)But Fathye truly did infect Andrew by accident beacause she is the only werecat known to be able to partial shift.

This partial shift can only happen during intense emotions,like lust,anger, or fear. Even with several witness she is basically already guilty and is awaiting her sentence(and its extreme).

Fathye is a tabby, one of a previous 8 american female werecats who can reproduce.The Alphas have her outvoted 2-1, and her father the head Alpha of all the council can do nothing but listen.

In Pride you will encounter a new species of were-animal, a strange pride of psycho werecats, and some whoopass action by Fathye. This book takes place in the mountains where Fathyes trial is set to take place. Also Marc,Fathyes lover,is great in this book.I did have a moment when i was threatened to tears, and i had my moments when i was just as pissed as Fathye.This book drags you in and keeps you.And dont look for a happy ending, this series keeps it real..Loved it and i cant wait for Prey...

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