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Skater Boys by Neil S. Plakcy
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Nov 23, 2010

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When it comes to erotica collections, Cleis knows what they’re doing. This anthology skillfully edited by Neil Plakcy offers a great selection of titillating stories. The collection consists of 15 stories that range from delicious encounters to more emotional impacts and everything ends with a sticky, hot finish. From the first story to the last, this anthology is filled with lean bodies, rough and tumble attitudes, macho skaters, young men finding their footing, and older men remembering daredevil times. If you have a thing for sexy skaters, these stories will give you some good fantasy material.

The great introduction by Plakcy gives a taste at the steamy and creative stories to come. From the pure stroke fiction to the more emotional, the anthology is designed to have something for everyone. There are stories where skaters get the tables turned on them with in your face action such as Rob Rosen’s incredibly steamy and delightful Fuck Off. There is Plakcy’s own rather enjoyable addition in A Place to Skate. Both stories feature arrogant skaters that learn not to underestimate others.

If you’re looking for pure man on man action check out Deep End. This short story about a skater/pool boy that uses an empty pool for skating one night gives as good as he gets. Boarder Boyz is incredibly clever and innovative with more terms for cock and balls than I’d heard before. The characters are fun, sexy, and the writing definitely keeps your attention. Shuv-it delivers with a porn fantasy when two extremely hung skaters decide to take the director for a spin to show off their numerous talents.

From cocky boys to confident men, this collection is filled with entertaining characters. The witty, ribald dialogue is often tongue in cheek (yes, both cheeks) and the writing is elevated from simply stroke fiction. Though make no mistake, these stories are meant to entice and excite. There’s a plethora of material to get off with and a focus on delivering great stories, interesting dialogue, and avoiding classic clichés and pitfalls.

In such a diverse offering some stories are likely to hit while others may miss. There are more hits than misses for me and overall the collection is a success. There are a few I’d definitely read again while most were good and enjoyable to read. A few were definite misses but I can see the reader appeal and how well they fit with the overall collection. Reader opinions vary and no doubt some will love the stories I didn’t care for. The variety and diversity of the collection is one of the great strengths though. There are enough stories and each one is well written so there is something for absolutely every reader.

You definitely won’t want to miss Totally Choice, a story about two young skaters filled with enough skater slang to turn your head. There is appendix at the back so you don’t get lost and the creativity is only a bonus. The anthology ends on the perfect note with PA Brown’s great contribution Boyz in the ‘Hood about a skater trying to avoid gangs and a cop who helps him. Appropriately for the collection, this story not only leaves you sticky but absolutely wanting more.
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