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Nov 23, 10

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“Hinze has written a masterful, complicated tale of suspense that gains momentum with each turn of a page. Her writing flows surely, moving from one character to the next, one setting to another, with readers keeping the swift pace. . . . Hinze’s plot may have readers puzzling over how this tangled tale will ever resolve itself, but that underestimates the author’s talent for transforming the unlikely into something beautiful.”
--Publishers Weekly

“Forget Me Not is a thriller you won’t soon forget, especially if you’re a fan of the romantic obsession mastered by Alfred Hitchcock in Vertigo or Otto Preminger’s Laura. Vicki Hinze’s latest blends disparate elements together with surprising ease, and the result is a darkly original tale where hope and faith provide the light. The story, though, isn’t so much about faith conquering all so much as coming to the realization of its limitations and learning to overcome them, which comes define Brandt’s very heroism. Such spiritual elements would’ve overburdened the tale in lesser hands. Good thing’s Hinze’s are as sure and steady as they come, making Forget Me Not not to be missed.” --Providence Journal
"Vicki Hinze's name on the cover always guarantees a great read. “
--Jeff Ayers, Thriller Reviewer Library Journal, Seattle Post-Intellgencer, and Writer Magazine. ITW Interview.

"Vicki Hinze writes the most ‘sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for the other shoe to drop’ suspense I’ve ever had the opportunity to read. This book is truly a must read and is definitely a keeper. I can’t wait to read the next book in the Crossroads Crisis Center series!"
--Review Diva, Kathy Boswell

“A thriller you won’t soon forget”
--Jon Land, Author Magazine

“FORGET ME NOT is [Hinze’s] first Christian-themed thriller, and it combines many elements that have made this relatively new genre so popular. A growing number of readers enjoy a complex suspense story with an underlying romance but would rather not be bombarded with endless obscenities and graphic sexual descriptions. For many years they were offered few choices beyond LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE. So Hinze has added her talent to the growing pool of writers who can combine faith and wholesome values with a rip-roaring good story.”
--- Reviewed by Maggie Harding, (

“Forget Me Not is similar in many ways to Teri Blackstock and Dee Henderson’s novels. Fans of their books will enjoy this one as well. It has a really good storyline and was a perfect choice when I wanted something on the lighter, more encouraging side. With a gentle touch and a sweet romantic angle, they reader is left with great affirmation of God’s omnipotence and a reminder that even when we don’t know where God is, He has not forgotten us.”
--The Christian Manifesto

“Vicki Hinze has written a superb thriller about a woman whose faith sustains her and a man whose faith died along with his wife and son. There is plenty of action throughout this fast-paced tale but Forget Me Not is character driven by Benjamin and Karen ( and her real name) . Even with knowing who the villains are, fans will feel the stratospheric tension as double crosses and identity issues make for a powerful novel.”
--Genre Go Round Reviews

"This tale contains all of the danger, treachery, and action a reader could wish for, along with intrigue coming from all directions. Vicki Hinze's enthusiasm for her stories highlights her sharp talent for conveying human emotions, and FORGET ME NOT also reveals the author's deep spiritual faith. FORGET ME NOT is the first offering in a new series of Christian Suspense, and the outstanding characters and the author's narrative leave the reader wanting more! More! More!"
--Fresh Fiction

“Vicki Hinze has written a high adrenaline rush in Forget Me Not. As the title suggests, you will have a hard time forgetting this high action packed novel. Those that crave roller coaster ride thrillers will definitely be pleased when they discover Forget Me Not. This is one book that will keep you on your edge of your seat.”
--Midwest Book Review

Forget Me Not, by Vicki Hinze, is an action-packed, intense, crime-laden novel that changes plots on a frequent basis, keeping you alert, absorbed and hooked to the end. You will need to keep the circumstances and characters straight in your mind, but the pacing isn’t so fast that your lose your way. It’s complex, but that’s what makes it good! Vicki is definitely keen on character reactions and emotions. The intricacies of the many characters were handled very aptly. They were consistent throughout the book. Evil was punctuated with good, which were great antagonists throughout. In the life of crime, do you really know who your friends are?
I was always on edge, wondering what would happen and when, with either the evil, vicious end of the book, as well as between Ben and the mystery ‘Susan’ woman, and those that they interacted with at the Crisis Center. For this, my first introduction to Vicki’s writing, I know I’ll definitely be reading more of her books! The spiritual truths presented are relevant to everyone.
--One Desert Rose, The Suspense Zone

“The main story of a man who cannot let go of his grief and anger and a woman who wonders if anyone has ever cared about her is powerful. When our mystery woman finally remembers everything she wishes she was still in the dark. What she now knows is far too great a burden to carry and far too devastating to reveal to the man who has finally come to trust her. But the one thing she never forgot, her faith in God, may still yet prove the hope for both she and Ben’s tattered hearts.”
--TE George, Fiction Addict

“Vicki Hinze is a newcomer to faith based fiction but is by no means a newbie to writing. With over twenty-five novels in print she demonstrates her seasoned ability to develop characters and ratchet up the tension as the plot progresses.” --Unveiled

“I thoroughly enjoyed this romantic suspense, with a good Christian background without being too preachy. The romance simmers nicely without being overpowering and is very believable for a man who dearly loved his wife and family and struggles with the new feelings of guilt and hope for his future. FORGET ME NOT is a wonderful read!”
--Romance Readers Connection”

“A superb twist-filled ending, one that has me longing for more by Vicki. In all, she has made her way onto my 'must read' list, and I highly recommend her to suspense lovers everywhere! I'm giving "Forget Me Not" four out of five bookmarks with a necklace as a charm.”
---A Peek at My Bookshelf

“Vicki Hinze has crafted a masterful inspirational thriller. She weaves together a very tangled web, and anyone could be the bearer of a little deceit. I love how the story is multi-layered. We are given glimpses into the activities of numerous characters, yet we are truly not certain who the bad guy is until the very end. I enjoyed the suspense and the underlying conviction that God will make sure things work out accordingly. FORGET ME NOT is a fast-paced, exciting read that will keep you riveted to the pages trying to piece everything together. I will look forward to Ms. Hinze’s next offering in this stimulating new series.”

"I've found a keeper in Vicki Hinze and her debut novel, "Forget Me Not". In what looks to be a promising new series, Vicki has created both unique characters and a different setting for her series."

“Forget Me Not is a riveting suspense novel that is intriguing from beginning to end. It is filled with drama, hidden agendas and a budding romance.”
--Charisma Magazine

“A roller coaster ride full of suspense and mystery. The writing is crisp and FORGET ME NOT is a page turner with a plethora of secondary characters to move the action. With a sprinkling of bad guys, and some not-so-bad guys, it is hard to determine who is trying to kill the woman called Susan, and who isn’t. But her stalkers, the men who beat her, Edward and Harry, are being pursued themselves by the person who wants her dead. Edward and Harry have to either kill Susan or let her live, and what they decide will determine who will die next, as this story becomes a game of cat and mouse to stay alive. Fraught with tension and sharp edged suspense, FORGET ME NOT is a keeper.”
--Romance Reviews Today

“This is a beautifully written mystery, suspense, thriller, and Christian novel. I think a lot of people outside of the Christian faith associate Christianity as a roadblock in experiencing things involved in its Faith, such as books. "Forget Me Not" was a majorly suspenseful novel. I think whether you are Christian, or not in my case (spiritual belonging to the Native American form of Faith), you will enjoy this book.”
--Steven Foley


“Over the years I've read many books by very talented author Vicki Hinze. She is queen of the nail-biting, edge-of-the seat thrillers. This lady writes a mean mystery story! FORGET ME NOT, however, is the FIRST Christian thriller I've read from her talented pen and it does not disappoint!
“Just who IS Susan? The very mysterious lady has lost her memory and has nothing to go on but a name and a necklace. Benjamin Brandt thinks she looks like his deceased wife, but could she be? What is NINA and why are they trying to kill Susan? These are but a few of the questions that fill the mind as you turn the pages of this excellent book.
“If you are a lover of mysteries, this is one book you won't want to miss.”
--Judy @ The Princess Ponders


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