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Low Red Moon by Ivy Devlin
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Nov 23, 2010

did not like it
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** spoiler alert ** I read the synopsis for this book was nearly blown away. So why didn't reading the actual book seal the deal and knock me off my feet? It reminded me a little too much of Twilight, only with werewolves and more poorly written that's why. No offense to Twilight, I absolutely loved the books and I heart Mrs. Meyer, but one Twilight was enough. And after several highly disappointing movies, I'm glad to leave the series behind.
Ben and Avery's meeting is almost exactly like Bella and Edward's (the central characters of the Twilight saga). Avery is in the office of her school, when new boy Ben walks in, upon spotting her he gives her a strange, verging on hateful, look, and storms out of the office. (Remember something vaguely similar to that in Twilight?) Ben also ends up saving Avery from a falling tree, um hello? Edward, Belle, parking lot, car? And the fact that Avery claims to 'love' and 'need' Ben as soon as she lays eyes on him is unbearably annoying and tastelessly clichéd. She doesn't know anything about the guy, yet he's suddenly THE ONE. I'm the kind of gal that likes for the characters of a book to get to know each other (at least a little) before they even begin to admit that they might have feelings for each other, let alone possibly love one another.
And the whole thing with the title...I don't get it. Even after reading the book. What did the damned moon have to do with anything??? Ben even admitted that he didn't shift according to the moon. And the little 'low red moons' that were peppered throughout the manuscript made me want to rip pages upon pages out of the book. It nearly drove me nuts and was an extremely amateur thing to do. And am I the only one that noticed the similarities between the titles TWILIGHT and LOW RED MOON? What's up with that?
And something else that grated on my nerves was the fact that the book got raving reviews from authors I love and I was expecting a good read. This seems to be happening a lot lately. Authors that I respect will review a book and call it 'sexy', 'thrilling', or some other really intriguing adjective and I think well if such and such liked it then it MUST be good. But then I'm reading the book and when I'm finished I'm asking myself 'How was that sexy or thrilling?'

The scene at the end with the murderer(I won't reveal who it is in case even after this review you still want to read it) was also clichéd and cheesy.

This book wasn't up to par at all. I was thoroughly disappointed.

I recommend this book to no one. Not even those poor souls that LOVE the Twilight movies.
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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

you are not the only one that noticed the similarities. i did too. If you remeber - the scenes where avery asks ben "How old are?" "How long have you been seventeen?" or " I know what you are." Thos e sentences screen Twilight. I was very disappointed with this book. i love Twilight series and if someone is goign to written another Twilight type serie att least make surre that it is better than Twilight.
i gavethis book 1 Star - actually i would have given it half a star but goodreads does not allow it. I actually could not believe that this book managed to get 4 star rating!

Zanzarr or black bibliophile Hope wrote: "you are not the only one that noticed the similarities. i did too. If you remeber - the scenes where avery asks ben "How old are?" "How long have you been seventeen?" or " I know what you are." ..."

Glad to hear I wasn't the only one picking up on the parallels between the two. I am also a fan of the Twilight series and wanted to read something similar. When I say similar, original is implied. I didn't feel originality from Low Red Moon. It was a disappointment.

Cat *living for the One who breaths life into me* Yeah, I def agree, everything you said matched up with what was in the book. I did catch the similarities between it and Twilight which drove me mad.

Morgan When ever Ben and Avery where together I just braced myself for a Twilight scene, as you guys said, the dialogue isn't even original! I was banging my head against a wall for the sheer lack of imagination the author put into this. I found this a very dull read.

Rachael LOL hope .. well i did notice that this book (low red moon) was published in 2010 .. and wasnt twilight out about 2004 ( i know the first twilight movie came out 2008) so ya could be onto something there re the twilight quotes ..

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