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The Living Dead 2 by John Joseph Adams
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Nov 21, 2010

it was amazing
bookshelves: horror

Speaking from the perspective of a long-time zombie fan who has been carrying the torch for George Romero since the early 70s (when i got a glimpse of Night of The Living Dead at far too young an age for it), I am starting to run toward zombie overload. I love this stuff, but the way it has been coming out recently? We are getting almost as bad as Stephanie Meyer fans and her teenage lust-struck vampires. Thank goodness zombie apocalypse tales tend to be a bit more literate and a bit more varied than that.

Actually, that is one of the things I emjoy about zombie stories. Zombies seem to be a horror icon that invites the the attention any number of would-be writers. Actually, horror in general seems to be a genre that invites a lot of amateur participation which is often quite good, especially on the scale of short stories. In my experience the zombie sub-genre invites the very best participation, producing all sorts of nicely literate commentary on society, personal relationships, environmental issues or politcs. Perhaps that is why the sub-genre is running on overdrive right now.

Wh this is I don't know. My personal pet theory is that it's because stories of the zombie apocalypse reverse a long-standing horror tradition. In most horror tales a monster is monstrous becuase it stands apart from society. Society defines what is human, while the monster is either a unique individual, or a member of shunned or underground subculture. In a zombie apocalypse tale it is the greater society that has become monstrous, while the humans take the roles of the individuals, or belong to an endangered subculture. It's a perspective that gives zombie story writers a unique view of society.

In any case, this is another fine collection of zombie tales, many of which will give you much to ponder. It's every bit as good as the first collection in this series.
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