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The Second Wife by Elizabeth Buchan
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Nov 22, 2010

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bookshelves: older-men-younger-women, too-sexy-for-maiden-aunts
Recommended to Manny by: Elisabeth
Recommended for: People who enjoy female POV revenge fantasies
Read from November 21 to 22, 2010

- Sweetie, how are you? We haven't talked for -

- That fucking cow. I saw him with her the other day.

- Oh, I'm sorry -

- Well, at least it looks like it's a difficult pregnancy. I hope she's got varicose veins.

- You know, you shouldn't -

- And I hope those little half-cup bras aren't as comfortable as they used to be. I hope they cut into her disgusting swollen tits every time she wears them.

- Sweetie, really -

- I bet she'll be a terrible mother. She has no idea how to deal with children. None whatsoever. And she can't cook either.

- Well, we'll have to -

- She's no good for him, you know. She stresses him out. He always looks so tired. She only thinks about herself.

- Yes, he does rather -

- If he just drops dead one day it'll be her fault. It would serve them both right.

- Sweetie -

- I sometimes wonder what he's put in his will. I think she might get a nasty surprise.

- I -

- Then she'd have to get by on her own. She'd see what it was like. The stupid fucking bitch. Bitch. Aargh!

- Shall I get us another round?

- Thanks. Oh fuck, I'm sorry, I shouldn't talk about myself all the time, I just can't help it. So what are you doing? How's the novel coming along?

- Blocked. Can't decide how to continue.

- Oh, that's awful! I loved the first one. And I'm just going on and on, I know, I hear myself saying these terrible things and I wish I didn't, but -

- Sweetie, don't worry. Let it all out and you'll feel better. I love listening to you.

- You do? Really?

- I do.

- Oh my god, you're always so nice to me, I feel ashamed. You know, really, in my heart of hearts, I know she's not so bad. I'm just so fucking angry with her. And with him.

- Well of course you are.

- You're right. Now I've said all that shit, I feel better. We should meet more often.

- We should!

- Look, I hope you start getting unblocked with your book soon.

- Actually, I just had an idea. I wonder -

- Oh fuck, is it one o'clock already? I'm so sorry, I have to go. We'll talk more about you next time. Sorry. Sorry! Bye.

- Sweetie, it's okay! See you soon. Bye. And you look after yourself.

- Mwah!

- Mwah!
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11/21/2010 page 25
7.0% "Chick-lit alert!"
11/21/2010 page 110
29.0% "This is the best revenge fantasy I've read all year. Go Rose! Give that scheming little bitch what she deserves!"
11/21/2010 page 200
52.0% "Aargh! The plot was in danger of stalling, so she killed off one of the major characters. A risky move, but now it's bubbling nicely again. More humiliation for the Other Woman... yum! Though I'm almost starting to wonder if it's too much of a good thing." 1 comment

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message 1: by Tuck (new)

Tuck i think i had that same conversation this past weekend, sans mwah :(

Manny Tuck wrote: "i think i had that same conversation this past weekend, sans mwah :("

Well, maybe you should turn it into a novel! It's easier than you think :)

message 3: by Tuck (new)

Tuck that's kinda what i was thinking too.

Manny Make sure you mention uncomfortable underwear. It was one of the very best details!

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