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High Voltage Tattoo by Kat Von D
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Nov 20, 10

I actually had intended just to look through this book at the store taking my notes down for this assignment, but ended up buying the book. I loved it! The book itself is styled after an old journal with padded covers and parchment like paper which is kind of kitchy but works well for the book. I have serval tattoos and love to look at other people's tattoos. I don't watch Miami Ink or LA Ink, but like to concept of the shows and thought it would be interesting to get inside her head a little. This book is a little bit biography, a little bit history, a little bit spiritual (yes, you can be spiritual about tattoos) and very, very cool artistically. I hear so much nonsense coming from Bible thumper people about how people who have tattoos are going to h, e , double hockey sticks, and I challenge them to read this book and find out what tattooing is all about. Yes there are bad tattoos, and bad reasons for getting them, but it is a form of self expression and art that should be appreciated by anyone who admires passion in others and thinks that the first amendment applies to everybody. Cool, cool, book that I recommend especially to people who have never considered getting a tattoo or looks down on it. Not, necessarily to make you want to go get tatted up, but so you can understand where those of us who do have tattoos are coming from. Although as a caveat, I must say that it is well written and after hearing her speak on what clips I have caught of the show, I can't imagine that she is quite so erudite and a ghost writer must be involved somehow, lol.

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