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The Two Princesses of Bamarre by Gail Carson Levine
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Nov 19, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: fantasy
Read from November 21 to 23, 2010 — I own a copy , read count: 4

This book was easy to read, fun and interesting. The first person POV was the same as Twilight's, but this book did a much better job. I liked the touch of medieval monsters, like the dragons and specters. That was fun. I'd read this book again, if I feel like it. It was very, very easy to read. But fun, nonetheless.

Addie and Meryl's sisterly bond is something I really admire. They love each other dearly. I thought the pact that Meryl had with her sister- to not go on her adventures until Addie was wed and happy- was very sweet.

Reading about the Gray Death was nice. An incurable disease that lots of the Bamarre people had encountered. When Meryl got it, Addie was devastated and kept on telling Meryl to fight the disease. While reading these parts, where Addie stayed at home with her sister and told her to keep up her strength, got me a little annoyed. I already read the whole book thrice, so I know what'll happen in the end. I kept saying in my head, "JUST GO AND FIND THE CURE ALREADY! DON'T WASTE ANYMORE TIME!" But of course that didn't happen. I felt for Addie during the time she was still here, mourning about Meryl's faith. She was blaming herself for letting Meryl not achieve her dreams and wishes. Go on adventures and fight the monsters. It was sad.

The specter part was fun. It reminded me of this one part in Anastasia where people got hypnotized and thought they were being led to something that they like, but really, it was just a path that would lead to their deaths. I remember being shocked the first time I read the book. I never would have thought that the little boy was a specter! When Addie saw specter-Rhys, I never realized that she was still wearing the magic cloak (that only specters and dragons can see through). That gave me chills. When the real Rhys came along, I also suspected him for a moment since he wasn't leaving any footprints. Turns out that Rhys just cheated and broke the rule that stated that sorcerers can't just float around. That was funny.

I really liked reading about Rhys. He seemed very sweet. He even gave Princess Addie gifts to help her on her journey. A magic cloak, that reminded me of Harry Potter's invisible cloak. And seven-leagues boots with a spyglass.

The near-ending part, where they were battling gryphons and specters and ogres gave me chills. In between battle scenes, Addie's thoughts would come in between. Like, for example, "Wait, sun! Wait for Meryl!" That really gave me chills.
Reading excerpts from Drualt were nice. I didn't' expect the ending. Really. The first time I read it. I was really surprised. I did not expect Meryl to turn into a fairy. AND WHAT MORE, I DIDN'T EXPECT HER TO BE IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH DRUALT!

I thought that in the ending, Meryl would say goodbye to her sister forever, since fairies and humans just don't interact anymore. I was wrong. Meryl told Addie, the opposite. She said that Addie's future children would know her very well and that she and Drualt would always be beside her; visible or invisible. That was nice.

Really. I love Meryl and Addie's bond. Very strong and unbreakable.

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11/22/2010 page 78
29.0% "I've read this book already this year. I can, in fact, remember the story clearly. I know what will happen in the end, but despite of that, I'm still looking forward to reading it. Gail's writing is easy and fun and I love her characters. Reading about Addie and Meryl's sisterly bond is amazing. And I love the touch of mystical creatures that were put in. I'd read this all night if there was no Math test tomorrow."

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