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Moonbane by Al Sarrantonio
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Nov 20, 2010

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Moonbane has worse science than the opening of the Thundarr cartoon.

Seriously but it's so goddamn ridiculous that you can't help but go "ok, sure, I'm with you" rather than fling the book across the room.

Moonbane is best described as this; SPACE WEREWOLVES VS AMERICA. While watching a meteorstorm, a man and his son notice a flood of unrelated meteors which hit the atmosphere and one lands near by. They go to investigate and out of it "hatches" a tiny anthropomorphic wolf-man who immediately latches on the son biting off some of his fingers. The man and son flee home where the rapidly growing SPACE WEREWOLF follows them, killing the wife before son and father barricade themselves in the basement. The man falls asleep and wakes up to find his son...different...

The SPACE WEREWOLVES act like modern day zombies. They're fast and if you get bitten you turn into one of them. Society collapses pretty quickly and the book turns into your standard near post collapse society where the man is trying to get to a place of sanctuary while avoiding SPACE WEREWOLVES, trying to find food along the way and pondering the mysteries of why the humans who are killed have their flesh stripped and their skeletal remains piled into pyramids...

It's pure B-Movie fun and it reads really really quickly. I tore through a good third of it in the hour before I fell asleep. I wasn't disappointed when it all went to hell because really once I'd accepted SPACE WEREWOLVES I didn't greet the really weird stuff with anything more than a goofy grin.

Moonbane has worse science than the opening of the Thundarr cartoon.

OK so the SPACE WEREWOLVES come from and are powered by the Moon, so what we're going to do is NUKE THE MOON which will have no out-sized effect on Earth whatsoever. We'll just have a ring like Saturn. Also, Earth wolves are probably SPACE WEREWOLVES mated with Earth Dogs. Given that the SPACE WEREWOLVES live only to kill and worship the moon, that bit of animal husbandry seems somewhat suspect.

Even though it sounds like I'm trashing it, I'm not. It was an entertaining monster movie that took a few hours to read and I certainly got my money's worth.
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32.0% "I bought this because I love cross roads press bringing into ebook form older horror titles. this book is best described as SPACE WEREWOLVES DESTROY AMERICA. and it's pretty awesome in a b-movie way."

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