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Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom
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Nov 19, 2010

After reading Five People You Meet in Heaven, I chose this book looking for another inspirational story and a boost of faith and self confidence. And I was right. Mitch Albom has a way of talking to the reader in such a way where you want to continue reading through each chapter. He sets up his chapters either by: dates, holidays, funny phrases, quotes, and other little things that make you want to see what the next chapter could be about. The idea for his book came by the request of his childhood rabbi ALbert Lewis to write and deliver his eulogy when the time came for the rabbi to die. Albom agreed to his offer knowing that he has interviews and deep conversation ahead with this man to get to know him as a man, not just as a rabbi. Albom introduces another key character-Pastor Henry Covington a black pastor from Detroit who was a past drug-addict, drug dealer, and ex-convict. He ministers at an urban church and teaches people very interesting ways about how to go on life, seeing as he has been through it all. It was a very poor community he was in-and much of the population at his church was homeless. He mentioned that the church was so poor the roof leaked when it rained.

The book alternates between his conversations with the Reb and excerpts from sermons and stories with pastor Covington. What made this story so strong was how Albom showed the 2 different faiths and the differences faith can make in the world. Albom has became one of my favorite authors because of the life lesson he gives you in all his novels. This true story he wrote about these 2 men of very different faith make you question yourself on what your own faith is and your thoughts about your life. This book didn't lead to a final conclusion-It almost felt like a journey while you read, but it's up to you where the final destination ends. To me, it was at the very end of the book where the Reb asks Albom a question: :What if you only get five minutes with God? And in those five minutes, you can ask anything you want." That to me summed everything I read in the book up, it made me think for almost 15 minutes what I actually would say to God and what questions I would ask. When I'm in that situation some day I will be fully prepared.

I would absolutely reccommend this book to anyone who likes inspirational stories or ones that make you think about your life and your faith. Through out the whole book you are faced with many questions and Albom puts you in his shoes and you almost feel like you need to choose his decisions and what he would do. From beginning to end, Albom tells lots of deep experiences and explains in detail the stories from the rabbi and the Detroit pastor-which are both extremely inspirational.
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Angel JP Does it deteriorate a persons faith,or lets the person wandering about what his or her faith is?

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