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Cesar's Way by Cesar Millan
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Nov 19, 2010

I picked this book because I have a puppy and a full grown dog at home. The full grown dog is very well trained but the little dog is not potty trained so i decided to read Cesar's way because i wanted to fix some of the little problems that my own dogs face at my home today. Cesar teaches you how to fix each problem that a dog could possibly have. If a dog is too hyper you must do activities that would calm the dog down, like talking it out in the morning and running with it. This will tire the dog out. Or before the dog goes to bed take it out and play with it. If a dog has a problem with discipline like jumping o things or chewing things you must let them know that you are in control. You must not give the dog affection until the dog has continuously done the right thing over and over again. These are some of the things that i learned after reading this.
I liked this book because it showed me how i could do at my own house to try and make my dogs the best that they could be. I told my dad some of these tips and now he enforces them in our home. My dogs have become more obedient and trained because of this book. Some thing in this book are boring if you do not love dogs like i do. After awhile you may find some things that you may not need so you may want to skip over them.
I would recommend this book to any dog lover. Even if you do not have a dog you may find some of the behaviors that a dog has very interesting like me. I would recommend this book to someone who is looking to buy a dog sometime during their life because they will know all of the tips that you need to know to have a well trained god. I wish i would have read this before we got our second puppy so i could have trained it to not beg at the dinner table. If you love dogs i would recommend this book to you.

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