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Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro
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Dec 28, 2010

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Dani (Pen to Paper) I loved this! Did you know it's being released as a film with Keira Knightley in January? x

Barry Yeah I noticed it, I was careful to pick up this cover and not the film cover version of the book in waterstones, lol! I finished The Remains Of The Day a few weeks ago and it's gone right up their with my all time favorite books, so I needed more Ishiguro quick! :-D

Dani (Pen to Paper) I got my book before the film version of the book came out, but I think I would do the same. I have Nocturnes to read by Ishiguro, which I will be reading over Christmas, when I don't have so much work to do!
This is also definitely up there with my favourite books of all time! It's very subtle and very beautiful! xxx

Barry Ah sweet, I nearly went for Nocturnes today as I love the short story format but went for this in the end, I'll probably do what I did with Murakami and just blow a load of cashing buying them all at once one day, I'm a sucker for the 3 for 2's!
I can highly recommended The Remains Of The Day as well for the same subtle and beautiful reasons.

Dani (Pen to Paper) Then I think that will be the next Ishiguro I read :) It may have to wait until the summer though. Uni doesn't leave much time, and I want to read Nocturnes first, as I already bought it!
I have some Murakami to read as well. I get it even worse than with the 3 for 2's thanks to my staff discount. 33% off makes it even harder to resist buying more books!

Barry Yeah I remember not having time to read at Uni, I think I managed about 2 books a year back then, now I'm unemployed and studying from home I'm doing that in a week.
33%!!! Considering all I really waste money on these days is books I could probably justify giving up studying and getting a job in Waterstones for life. :-P

Dani (Pen to Paper) Haha!! I do love working there, it's pretty good. I've been there for 8ish months now, and I still enjoy it as much as when I started, so that's a good sign. I've hated all my other jobs after 2 weeks!
What are you studying from home? xxx

Barry That's good, most of the people in my local one seem like they've lost any passion for books if they had it in the first place! A giant Waterstones cardboard sign fell of right next to me in their today, I was hoping for it to hit me so I could sue for every book in the store, but alas it missed me by about half a inch :(
I'm studying Accountancy, so nothing fun by any stretch of the imagination!

Dani (Pen to Paper) But if you did that, I could possibly lose my job if the company had to make cuts :( I've tried for a job there for 3 years... don't make me lose it now!!! :P
Oh gosh... I would be terrible at that. I'm not good with numbers at all! xxx

Barry Haha, same with me and English, I didn't realise books where actually good until I was about your age, think I got a D in my GCSE's for English lol. Love the idea of writing but numbers and computers are the only things I can do.

Dani (Pen to Paper) Goodness me!! It took you that long? :P
I've been reading pretty much constantly since I was about 5 and could read on my own. Started with Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton, Beatrix Potter and Jacqueline Wilson and worked my way up :)
Numbers are the only things I really struggle with haha! xxx

Barry Pretty much, I mean I read Dahl too and other kids stuff, then through high school I read prachett mainly, but in the kind of way that I can't tell you a thing about them now, which is why I haven't got them on here.
It wasn't Until I read The Black Magician Trilogy - which I notice you've got in your to-read section = in my first year of uni that I really loved reading.

Dani (Pen to Paper) Fair enough. Yeah, I do have that to read :) I was planning on getting the first read over my Christmas break. :) x

Barry :) Worth it, I'm not big on fantasy and probably not the sort of thing I'd read now, but I did enjoy them, it's much lighter than some of tne fantasy books i've tried before.
A friend dragged me in Waterstones yesterday so I couldn't resist and bought another three and got Nocturnes in them... I need help :-P

Dani (Pen to Paper) Haha, you don't need help! Buying books is a healthy obsession. Like I say to my parents and my boyfriend - There are worse things I could be addicted to!
I'm quite a big fantasy (and Dark Romance) reader, really. It used to be all I read, and then I stopped reading it altogether when I found authors like Barbara Kingsolver. I've picked it back up again now though, and I read bits of everything really, especially now I work in Waterstones.
What were the other two books that you got? xxx

Barry Sorry about the lateness of this reply, this book dropped out of my feed and it's hard to keep up with conversation on here after that, lol, It needs a facebook-esq notification system!
I haven't read any Barbara Kingsolver before, but The Lucuna is sort of on my radar with all the press it's been getting recently, plus again it's constantly in the 3 for 2's :-P, I might try one day, or would you recommend another?
I have friends into all the Forgotten Realms series and stuff like that, they made me try one once but it was just way too much for me, my little head can't handle 50 different races then a million obscure fantasy style names! I describe Trudi Canavan as "light-fantasy" in that respect, it has magic and all but in a much more story friendly way, maybe similar to how Harry Potter et al are, but I haven't read them to judge. Another I really enjoyed that I'd bunch with them is Karen Miller's Kingmaker, Kingbreaker duo, I won them both in a competition not expect much but loved them, you should read the blurb if you ever get a spare moment in the shop!
I think the other two I got with that lot were Ghostwritten by David Mitchell and Amsterdam by Ian McEwan, but I'm buying way too many and getting a little lost, got to stop cause people keep asking me what I want for Christmas and I can't think of anything apart from books so I'm going to be getting tonnes then, lol.
I also just got 6 Nick Hornby novels, brand new, on ebay for £17! BARGAIN!!!

Dani (Pen to Paper) I have a notification system at the side on the homepage now. You know where all the link are on the home page to your profile, friend requests and stuff on the right. There is a notifications thing that comes up with a red 'new' when you have something new.

I haven't read The Lacuna yet, so I couldn't say about that one, but the first of her books that I read was The Poisonwood Bible, and I fell in love with that one completely. I would recommend it to ANYONE!

That's cool. I read an Ian McEwan recently. Have you ever read Atonement? I spent YEARS avoiding it because I thought his novels all sounded really boring etc, but I am ashamed to say I was wrong - I really enjoyed Atonement, and have another of his to read now (I can't remember which one at the moment though) :P
I can never think of what I want either, and I don't even want books this year - I have so many to read already, and no time to read them with all my uni work!


Barry Hmm, I see where you mean, and I've had the red 'new' for PM's but never noticed it for anything else, I'll keep a eye out for when / if you reply to this, cheers.

I shall add The Poisonwood Bible to my 300+ book list of "stuff I really should read" I've got on the PC, lol.

Atonement is on the fore-mentioned list, but I haven't read McEwan before, and in the shop I fought over what to get but decided to go for Amsterdam first just cause I've seen the film of Atonement (and my friend said the Atonement cover was 'gay', I hang about with morons :-P), but no doubt as long as I don't despise Amsterdam I'll get it soon after.

I've got my exams at Cambridge Uni this time next week, I'm crapping myself, haha, I wanted to have a reading break while I revise but couldn't bring myself to stop, plus I need something good for the laborious train journey!

Dani (Pen to Paper) That's okay haha. I only noticed it the other day myself!

Goodness me, that's a lot of books! I've got a fair few on my list though. My whole to-read list on here are books that I own and haven't yet read! And I'm sure there are still some missing off that! :P

I didn't like Atonement (the film). I'm trying my best to block it from my memory. If I hadn't read the book before, I don't think the film would have made much sense to me at all.

Cambridge uni?! Is that where you're studying? That's mental! I have a friend that goes to Cambridge, but she's been to Private schools her whole life and done nothing but study for her entire childhood. Her parents were really strict over it all!


Barry Just finished it. Torn between a 4 and 5 score wise really, certainly a few little niggles here and there I found distracting, but ultimately I blew through the final 170 pages last night totally addicted.

Dani (Pen to Paper) I know what you mean about having a couple of 'niggles' but I think 5 stars is a perfect score for it :) Glad you enjoyed it too!!
Have you read Nocturnes yet? I know you bought it a little while ago :)

Barry No I haven't read it yet, got about 15 books for Christmas which has made my 'to-read' pile go crazy lol, but I'll make sure it's the next short story collection I read when I fancy some. Even though there is 15 years between them, I find it's amazing one author can write such different style of books and both be 5 star level, you should certainly get The Remains Of The Day by him asap (pretty sure you hadn't read that one yet.) :)

Dani (Pen to Paper) Yeah, I will be getting that one soon! I've only read Never Let Me Go and one of his short stories (that I read for uni and I can't remember the name of, something about a family supper). I will be reading Nocturnes soon, and then I'll get Remains of the Day to read over Easter.
I got lots of books for Christmas as well! Lots to be reading when I've finished my uni work! xxx

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