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Naked in Death by J.D. Robb
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Nov 18, 2010

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bookshelves: color-red, borrowed, romance, mystery, futuristic, science-fiction, surprised-i-didn-t-hate-it, 2011
Recommended to The Holy Terror by: CJ - It's only a Paper Moon
Recommended for: fans of Stephanie Plum who want a tougher heroine
Read from December 17, 2010 to January 25, 2011

Eh, what can I say that hasn't already been said in over 800 reviews? My thoughts, I suppose.

I give it 2.5 Stars - and I only rounded up because the sex scenes were hot.

Roarke is too perfect; you can tell he's created by a romance author, but he is sexy, even though he should quit his nasty smoking habit. Gross. I can understand Eve's attraction to him, but not his attraction to her. I figured out who the villain was before Eve, and I don't even read that many mysteries. The futuristic setting already feels dated in some aspects, and ridiculous in others. I don't care about any of the supporting characters, and I find this happens a lot in mysteries since the author seems to make the journey to the "big reveal" more important than character development. Which, I suppose, is an inherent trait of the genre and can be expected to an extent. I also realize that this series is ridiculously long, so she has plenty of time to flesh out her characters, and since it's the first book she might not want to overload the reader with inconsequential info.

As long as I can get them from the library, I'll continue with this series. I feel just about the same about this as I do about the Stephanie Plum series, save the fact that Eve isn't anywhere near as stupid and annoying.
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0.0% "It's always hard to read a book set in a future we've already surpassed in some aspects. Magazines will never be on discs." 5 comments
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54.0% ""This guy in Detroit, hit on four before they tagged him. Liked to pick up a lonely heart, go back to her place. He'd tranq her, then he'd strip her down, spray her with glow-in-the-dark red pain, top to toe." "Weird." "Lethal. Skin's gotta breathe, so she'd suffocate ..." Nuh uh! Myth-busted!"
01/25/2011 page 175
60.0% ""Sex doesn't have to be a power trip. It sure as hell doesn't have to be a punishment. It's supposed to be fun. And now and again, if you're lucky, it gets to be special.""
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Shera (Book Whispers) For some reason I just couldn't get in to this book. Maybe because they sell this as a mystery/suspense and it feels more like a quick romance.

The Holy Terror Yeah, it's kind of a weird in-between book. Futuristic romantic suspense? I found the middle of the book to be boring and then by the third murder I just wanted them to figure it out already. And then I had the ending pegged, so that was kind of a letdown.

I think just about every mystery I've read lately involved (view spoiler) Granted though, Robb wrote it first since the other books I've read were more recent. I'm just getting sick of it.

Shera (Book Whispers) The Futuristic thing caught me by surprise. All of the reviews I had read didn't seem to mention that it was in the future.

It was terrible when I realized that I was bored with the mystery. Then the love story just wasn't doing it for me, it felt so same old/same old.

(view spoiler) It would be nice if some authors would get a little more ambitious with their plot twists.

Wicked Incognito Now I have a hard time dealing with all the smokers in Nora Roberts' older novels as well. You can tell she was a smoker, and you can tell when she started quitting because her characters keep craving cigarettes.

Murder mysteries drive me nuts because they are rarely mysterious and when you can't figure out who the murderer is, it's because the author didn't give the reader enough information...and that's cheating.

Ridley I've read the first three and thought they were okay. I couldn't even finish the first Stephanie Plum novel. The heroine was retarded.

I totally agree on Roarke, he's too perfect. He's trotted out for female fantasy and deus ex machina.

The Holy Terror Ridley wrote: "I couldn't even finish the first Stephanie Plum novel. The heroine was retarded."

That's being generous.

Do you plan to read any more of this one? I look at the list of books and I just feel tired.

Ridley It's a strong maybe. I noticed a glaring formula by #3, which doesn't excite me terribly, but I own #4, so I'll probably read that at some point.

Beanbag Love Ridley wrote: "It's a strong maybe. I noticed a glaring formula by #3, which doesn't excite me terribly, but I own #4, so I'll probably read that at some point."

I liked #4 the best, actually. Number 5 was okay, but then it's all downhill after that (well, I've only read through 7, but that one was seriously bad).

message 9: by Pat (new) - rated it 5 stars

Pat Patterson Yeah, the sex was incredibly hot in Naked. The early books in the series were pretty good too. I blew through 10 or 15 of them at a pretty good clip. Unfortunately each book in the series gets cooler and cooler. I finally stopped around the 30th one. By then there wasn't a SINGLE sex scene. Not one. Lots of smoky looks and chills etc, but no scenes. Someone should tell Nora that she's not flipping Agatha Cristie. If I want to read a murder mystery I'd read someone else.

message 10: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Have you read Margaret Maron's Deborah Knott series? [Your comment about the side-characters made me think of her books because the side-characters are half the show in the Knott books. :) BIG family. ]

The Holy Terror Er ... no, I haven't.

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