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Glass Houses by Rachel Caine
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Glass Houses is a book about a girl named Claire who, at sixteen, is super smart and just starting her freshman year at college because of graduating early. But, things aren't that simple. Because Claire's parents don't want her going off to a big college until she's a little older, they send her to Morganville, Texas -- and there's more to Morganville than first meets the eye.

After being pretty brutally harassed at school by some other girls she makes the decision to find off-campus housing. From there the story really begins, introducing some fun and colorful characters who are Claire's only hope for surviving this crazy town.

I really liked this! When I picked it up I wasn't really in the mood for a Young Adult book. After having just read Written in Red by Anne Bishop, I was really hoping to pick up another adult Urban Fantasy. But I wanted something now and had some limited choices from my library's digital loan site. Thankfully Glass Houses didn't entirely feel like a Young Adult book but had more of an adult Urban Fantasy feel to it which I liked. The entire story didn't revolve around a guy (but yes, there was one, of course), and the threats presented were actually pretty daunting. So it's really a good book for those who aren't fans of YA or fans that are (like I said, a good in-between -- but not New Adult necessarily).

Anyways, something about Glass Houses really grabbed me and sucked me in from the start. I don't think it was the main character Claire so much as the story and mystery surrounding Morganville. I liked Claire alright after a little while, but at first she kind of seemed a little bit bland and weak. But she grew some backbone before the end of the book and I appreciated witnessing that happen.

I can't say it's a five star read because I just read a five star book and it doesn't quite come up to par with that one, but it was really good! I can't argue with a book that doesn't let me put it down. I hope the story stays just as interesting in the books to come though and that my entire interest in it wasn't blown when finding out all the mysteries Morganville had hiding under the rug. We'll have to see...I'm on to the next one! :)
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Aleera The series just gets better and better! I hope you enjoy the rest :)

♥ Sarah ♥ Good to know! I'm already reading the second one and really liking it too. So glad to have found another YA paranormal I like. :)

Aleera There are 15 books in this series and honestly it was the first series where I wasn't wishing it would end - like some other series that go on too long. Rachel Caine is fabulous ;)

♥ Sarah ♥ I've had a few series like that (that I didn't want to end). Although, don't get me wrong, I do like it when an author has a set direction they're going in (and usually that means a set amount of books). Still, the ongoing ones are nice too.

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