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Everything Is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer
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Nov 17, 2010

did not like it
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why can't you give a book ZERO or even NEGATIVE stars?

I don't care if I don't garner a lot of "helpful" reviews here... I just need to vent. JSF is nobody. I HATE his writing style and he doesn't get extra points for only being 25 when we published this. The story of Bume is lifted STRAIGHT out of the story of Remedious the Beauty from 100 Years of Solitude, and he even uses the same literary trick by naming everyone the same name (fortunately, they all have stupid nicknames). Man, what an awful book and I also hated the other one about 911, so it this brat makes you swoon, go for it... but I don't think he writes well, I don't think he is some sort of prodigy, i just think that he has a big thesaurus next to him and uses it too much! What a GAWD-awful book! Oh! And the rip off the the "Wild and Crazy Guys" that Steve Martin and Dan Ackroyd did 30 years ago ... they called... they want their characters back! Horrible, horrible horrible dreck, drivel, pabulum and horse-sh*t. I just cannot remember when a book made me SO angry and unhappy. And if you are a student and get assigned this book in school, I did find a groovy site called something like..."Everything is Illuminated for the student who has to write a paper on it" Don't waste your time reading this god awful piece of ripped off trash.
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Ashley I have finally found someone who hates this book as I much as I do. Yay! All my "enlightened" friends think it is genius. I went into reading it really wanting to like it because everyone else did, but it is such garbage! I had bought Incredibly Close at the same time thinking both novels were going to be so prolific amd clever, but I can't even bring myself to open the other novel because I am still choking on my vomitus from Everything Is Illuminated.

Melinda Hi Ashley,

Just a quick warning on Incredibly Close..... I hated that too, but at least it made sense. But I've been barfing over the TV commercials for the film... Just from looking at the previews, they have mangled the script so bad that it's not even when the kid and the mom re watching the Twin Towers coming down (in the book they did NOT watch them coming down) AND screaming "Daddy's in there!" No. Wrong again... the dad did not work in the Towers and he went to mail something and was killed...but they do not find this out until much later on in the day. So, basically what we have here is a screenplay that doesn't have anything to do with the book (maybe that's a good thing) and they flaunt that on the TV previews. Nice.

I think people were so impressed with the fact that this kid wrote these books at such a young age... Well, lots of good books have been written by people under 25. I can't find anyone who enjoyed either book to explain to me why they thought the books were good, and they can't. They sort of mumble "I don't know... it was just good...".

message 3: by Menorah (new)

Menorah Now I won't feel guilty over quitting at 14%. What a waste of my reading time. Thank you for your reviews, Melinda and Ashley.

Melinda Hi Cherrie... glad to be of service. Someone needs to be a watchdog...

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