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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling
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Nov 16, 2010

it was ok
bookshelves: fantasy, young-adult-book, post-2000, novel
Read from November 16 to 22, 2010

** spoiler alert ** Here's the thing about Harry Potter: They are great stories, and they are carefully organized and thought out. Here's the other thing about Harry Potter: J.K Rowling's writing sucks--in a horrible, Dan Brown kind of way. The first few pages of this book include the idea that a fountain was playing in the distance. Really, Rowling? Other things that bother about Harry Potter: She's too scared to actually kill anyone important. Even Dumbledore dies as if it is his choice. And any other important characters, including Snape, never gain audience sympathy, so their deaths aren't really that important. Which leaves us with the Weasley boy, Tonks, and Lupin. Yes, it is sad when those three die, but they are not Harry, or Ron, or Hermione, or even Malfoy. Epic battles incur epic deaths. And why don't we know more of the backgrounds of death eaters? There are a thousand heroes in this book, but never a thousand bad guys? Finally, as the books dither on, they rely more and more on convenience. Oh, the Sword of Gryffindor showed up? Great, now we can destroy the Horcrux! Oh, we run into a Gringotts ex-bank employee? Great, now we can destroy a horcrux? Oh, no, we're caught stealing from the bank? Great, there's a dragon to save us! The best twists are always surprises. And unfortunately, Rowling's big surprise, Snape, is not really that much of a suprise at all. It's more of a convenience.

I think I said this of another book, but the story arch of the Harry Potter series is more IMPRESSIVE than GOOD. I know I'm speaking in the minority here, that these books are super popular and beloved, and I probably should have given the book at least one more star, but as these reviews are based on my feelings, I think its moderately better than garbage. No offense. Also, the thing about the Harry Potter series is that the books get harder as they move along, or at least longer. I don't think a child should attempt to tackle this one until around age 12. However the age span for these books seems to be from 9-90.

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