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My Name Is Memory by Ann Brashares
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Nov 16, 2010

did not like it
bookshelves: audiobook, fantasy, romance, reincarnation, urgggghhhhh, setting-usa-va, setting-uk-england, setting-mexico, setting-multiple, stalking-is-love, is-it-ya-or-not, protags-intolerable, adult
Read from November 16, 2010 to February 20, 2011

** spoiler alert ** What bothers me the most about this book is not just that I didn't like it, but that I'm also extremely disappointed with it. Without the whole reincarnation bit to it, I simply wouldn't have liked it, but the carrying over of memories from one life to the next, along with differing reactions to the phenomenon (i.e. Daniel vs. Ben) was a really interesting concept that just felt utterly wasted when placed in the middle of such a boring romance.

Dude hounds after one solitary girl for centuries. CENTURIES. Who has that kind of motivation? Who would waste so many perfectly good lives dogging some girl you barely know just because you feel guilt (and mistake that for love) over what you did to her during one lifetime? He mentions that he "feels like such a stalker" a couple places throughout the novel. Hello, that's because you ARE one. Also, stalking does not equal love, so I found it hard to swallow that we were supposed to be rooting for Daniel and Lucy to hook up.

Lucy herself is just all around dull as a character that I could never bring myself to care about, and her sudden, magical attraction to Daniel and how she PINES over him in high school despite not knowing jack about him just smelled very Twilight-Bella-Edward to me. Sure, somewhere deep inside she's attracted to him because she knew him in past lives, but considering she doesn't actually remember anything without Daniel's badgering and a ridiculously contrived ohmigodferrealz psychic who pretty much comes out of nowhere, simply to give Lucy an equally ridiculously precise psychic reading, the whole attracted-because-of-the-reincarnation is no less shallow than, to make another Twilight comparison, "I'm attracted to him cuz he's a vampire."

Despite being creeped out that I'm supposed to be rooting for stalker boy, when Daniel and Lucy finally, FINALLY get together in the end, the story just...kinda...ends. It just does. With them apart, and Daniel trying to fight this Supreme Evil that he has little idea of how to handle, but It's Okay! He conveniently made Lucy preggers so that he'll always be a part of her or something equally trite. Perhaps the author is trying to make it into a series and therefore left cliffhangers so that every little thing naturally wouldn't be tied up at the end of the book, but unless you know and are expecting that already, the ending is going to be pretty WTF. "What, he finally freaking gets the girl of his dreams after hundreds of years, only for the book to end with them forced apart and the bad guy still running rampant?" If the author can't think of an actual way for the hero and heroine to defeat this evil villain that will continue to hassle them for their many lives to come, maybe she should've gone with something different for the story's conflict.

All that said, I would very much like to read a story that focuses on reincarnation the way it's imagined in this book. Preferably not in a romance, however.

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