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Feed by M.T. Anderson
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Dec 01, 2010

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Read from November 16 to 17, 2010

Brilliant writing, but holy cow, f-bombs on every page. In fact, MT Anderson rates the book himself on the last page. "Together, two crazy kids grow, have mad escapades, and learn an important lesson about love. They learn to resist the feed. Rated PG-13 for language and mild sexual content."

Okay, beyond the f-word, this was a great piece of social commentary, and not worse language than I've heard at high school football games, but it still wasn't comfortable for me. The jargon in this reminded me a bit of a Clockwork Orange for its authentic feel. MT Anderson is brilliant. I just wish he'd made up one more word for his slang dictionary.

Titus goes to a party on the moon and meets a girl. She's beautiful and strange, and they like each other, but this crazy anti-feed (imagine live chat, facebook, and twitter all going on in your brain. That's the feed.) old man infects Titus and his friends with a virus. They have to shut down their feeds and spend some time in the hospital while the bugs get worked out. Titus is drawn to Violet because she's so unusual, but her growing disillusionment of the feed is hard for him and his friends to care about. They're too busy shopping in their heads.

I doubt I'll read it again, and I don't think the author was condoning such behavior, merely drawing attention to a trend in our culture.

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