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Kick-Ass by Mark Millar
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Feb 08, 2015

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What a sad reading experience. I saw the movie last spring the weekend it opened and I loved it so much that I dragged my sister to see it again only days later. It's totally tied with Scott Pilgrim for second best movie of the year (with the not yet released Deathly Hallows Part 1 taking the top spot, obviously.)

Much of the story started out quite similar to the movie, but still not quite as satisfactory. The biggest problem I had initially was with the illustrations. When you've got a certain visual in mind, and that visual looks something like this:

(This is the part where I tried to upload a smokin' hot picture, but epically failed everytime.) Follow this link should you need proof of hotness:


Well, you're bound to be a little disappointed when you see the same character portrayed not as a geeky sexpot- but as a real, live...geek. I mean we're talking wiry, wimpy, all around awkward geek. I cringed every time I had to look at him, which (considering he's the title character) was nearly every page. Another thing- Hit Girl in the movie had this adorable, sassy little purple bob. In the graphic novel she sports a lame freaking PONY TAIL. Ugh.

Now I'm not so shallow that I would give the dreaded "it was okay" 2 stars based on appearances alone. And after all, like I said, it was pretty much exactly like the movie...up to a point.

The ending is where it all fell apart for me. There was a certain revelation about a certain character that they very wisely left out of the movie. It seriously ruined the story for me. Why you would undermine your own story by turning one of your coolest characters into a complete joke is a mystery to me-- but I'll stick with the movie's spin on this part, thank you very much, Mark Millar.

In fact, I'll stick with the movie entirely.
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message 1: by Tatiana (new)

Tatiana I just watched the movie adaptation, coincidentally, and am now very curious about this certain revelation

message 2: by Elisa (last edited Nov 16, 2010 10:59AM) (new) - added it

Elisa Do you plan to read this? Or would you like me to just tell you?

message 3: by Tatiana (new)

Tatiana Yes, please, just tell me.

message 4: by Elisa (new) - added it

Elisa (Um, not exactly sure how I misspelled "plan," in my previous post- but I fixed it, lol.)


So turns out in the book that Big Daddy isn't actually a revenge seeking ex cop, (though he does intitally give that story) he's just a crazy pants who ran away with his daughter so that he could give her what he considered an exciting life. He'd been selling all of these old comic book back issues in order to make a living all this time. After he dies, Hit Girl is reunited with her mother, who had spent all these years searching for her daughter. It was messed up.

message 5: by Tatiana (new)

Tatiana Oh, I see. In the movie her mother was killed by that gangster. Thanks.

message 6: by Lee (new)

Lee In the movie she takes an overdose!

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