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Witnessed by Budd Hopkins
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Mar 09, 15

it was amazing
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Read in November, 2010 — I own a copy , read count: 1

Having previously read several books about the so-called alien abduction phenomenon, including Hopkin's own Intruders, I didn't expect much from this one beyond an incredible and unverifiable yarn. Witnessed, however, is different. For one thing, Hopkin's writing and plotting are better than they were in Intruders. His unfolding of his investigation is, except for too many repetitive asides countering objections that it all might be hoaxed, genuinely captivating. For another, this case, like that of Travis Walton (Fire in the Sky), involves multiple unrelated witnesses, several of them public notables, one of whom, the Secretary General of the UN at the time, has since been identified. Finally, I appreciated Hopkins' having somewhat moderated his earlier opinions that the abductors--whom he believes to be extraterrestrials--are up to absolutely no good. Now he seems to at least allow for the possibility that they have some genuine concerns for life on Earth, the position that John Mack, the recently deceased Harvard psychiatrist, had maintained.

I cannot say that this convinced me that alien species are abducting human beings. It's still a matter of words in books written by persons I don't know. Nor can I say that adjudicating the issue of this case is of great importance to me. If it were I'd do some research beyond reading a single book and some articles about it. Personally, I don't feel myself to be an abductee, nor have I ever seen a UFO. I do, however, on the basis of what I've read, take the phenomenon in general quite seriously indeed.

People, lots of them, have believed throughout recorded history that they have had contact with non-human intelligences. Interpretations have, of course, varied. The extraterrestrial hypothesis is a relatively modern one. So, too, is the level of contestation. While some polls have indicated that a significant percentage of Ameicans believe we've been visited by aliens, the belief is not uncontroversial as, say, beliefs in the reality of angels and demons were a few hundred years ago. I myself have experienced auditions and one rather impressive period of hallucination while awake, straight and sober--and I only call them "auditions" and "hallucinations" because I assume that others, if present, would not have heard or seen what I did.

What sets Hopkins' account apart from individual cases of such encounters is the public nature of it. If one is to believe his very credible account of the incredible, the 1989 abduction of a Manhattan housewife into a hovering UFO was witnessed not only by her, but also by a score of other persons in the vicinity. And that, the 1989 incident, is only the beginning of a host of related experiences and witnesses to what appears to have been a history of such abductions. This, the very public nature of the event, constitutes a case subject to verification and Witnessed goes a long way towards making a very strong case. As Hopkins points out with little emphasis, such evidence would certainly be sufficient were the event a crime and its adjudication conducted in a court of law.

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message 1: by Frank (new)

Frank Hi Erik ,

Am friend of of Andrew Hennessey who believes 1989 event to be actual transaction taking place in physical universe, in this case on our earth within yet not wholly confined to known four dimensions.

John Mack's death IMO involved demons in Mack and in driver that hit him.
Mack in Passages admits that the ETs "sometime play rough with abductees.

Your auditions remind me of hallucinations a Jewish woman author Monica Hellwig
knew over 40 years ago.

Jesus visited Monica. Monica was going to check herself into local Georgetown Psychiatric hospital when group of local Jesuit exorcists convinced become A Catholic.

In Christ,

Frank Ferguson

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