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The Wizard Heir by Cinda Williams Chima
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Nov 15, 2010

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I know I gave this a lower score than the original despite a better story and slightly better characters. The real problem here is the author either refuses to do a necessary final draft or writes that inconsistently. There are points in the story where she'll go from moments of vast detail to none at all. There is a scene where the main character and the antagonist are trying to overpower each other with magic. She describes their strain and struggle for about three paragraphs. Then out of the blue the antagonists stooges come out and beat the main character up. She basically goes from vivid detail to; the door opened and the alumi appeared, overpowered Seph, and beat him to the ground. No other struggle is described it's just over and it wouldn't bug me so much if it didn't happen over and over again.

Another of my problems is that the characters are some of the most two demintional I've ever seen, there are guy characters girl characters, and Hastings and Linda who hardly stand out from the former and the ladder. Really Seph and Jack are practically the same person which wouldn't have been as bad if Jack didn't come in half way through the story. Some of the secondary characters are actually more vivid than the primary characters, namely Filtch, I have more of a sense of who he is than most of the main characters, I've never seen that (like this) in a book, in movies, but not in books.

It would have been much more enjoyable if it had been about Seph staying at the Havens and trying to get away. Instead she brings the characters from this book and the first one together which both excites and disappoints. But with these books it seems I have a better feel for them the longer I wait to review which is simply because (for the most part)her plots are good. Sure her characters are colorless and sterotypical (it seemes like every wizard except Leander, Snowbeard, and some other random guy mention for the purpose of killing are the only good wizards, none of the others seem to have an ounce of humanity.) All the antagonists and protagonists are the same. Antagonists: Heartless and evil. Protagonists: All (despite the authors best efforts) saints.

But if you enjoyed the first one then read it. If you haven't noticed the things I've mentioned, read it. I'll probably be reluctanly returning for the third book mearly to see some characters die but hey, it's a goodread. (More or less.)
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message 1: by Nina (new)

Nina Hey, i liked your review. I was just curious, did the style of writing not brother you? I like her other book series a lot, but the narrating here was horrible. Just wonder about your opinion on that, as you clearly put thought into it!
Thanks in advance for your opinion :)

Isaac Hamlet Nina wrote: "Hey, i liked your review. I was just curious, did the style of writing not brother you? I like her other book series a lot, but the narrating here was horrible. Just wonder about your opinion on th..."

It's been a couple of years now since I read the book so I might be miss remembering but while I was reading it I don't remember the narration style sticking out to me for better or for worse (though that could be because I was more focused on some of the other issues.) That said, I did find her descriptions in general lacking most of the time, and information is omitted for no particular reason. (In the 3rd book there was an instance where I wasn't sure what had happened to a character until almost 15 pages later, and it didn't seem to have been done with the intention of being vague.)

Hope that answers your question!

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