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Murder on the Bride's Side by Tracy Kiely
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Dec 27, 2010

really liked it

Murder on the Bride's Side by Tracy Kiely is the follow-up to Murder at Longbourn, following the misadventures of Elizabeth Parker, who loves Jane Austen and has a bad habit of stumbling onto murders. It picks up on the eve of Elizabeth's best friend Bridget's wedding. The women have been friends since childhood, and Elizabeth treats her friend's family as her own. As maid of honor, she has many responsibilities on her plate, but she had no idea that solving Bridget's Aunt Roni's murder would be one of them! Roni was barely tolerated by the family, and her desire to get husband, Avery, to sell the family business has everyone up in arms. The murderer seems to have planted evidence to make Elizabeth appear guilty, so she needs to find the culprit in order to clear her own name, but can she keep her mind on the crime when she discovers that her boyfriend Peter used to date the wedding planner, Chloe, who doesn't even hide her intentions to win him back? Kiely uses the occasional Austenism as well as some characters remarkably similar to Austen's; Elsie shares a remarkable resemblance to Lady Catherine. Bridget and Elizabeth make for a charming and humorous team of crime-solvers, and it's their friendship that really carries the story. Their history and love for each other allows them to tease and know each other, making each come to life for the reader as well. The culprit is a definite surprise when revealed, and Kiely throws in a heart-breaking twist at the end. Elizabeth and Bridget will keep Kiely busy writing mysteries for awhile, much to readers' delight!

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