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Kill the Dead by Richard Kadrey
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Nov 14, 10

Read in November, 2010

Kill the Dead takes the stupidly ridiculous plot of the first book another notch. Its redeeming grace is the -- for want of a better phrase -- "character development". Though, I suppose I really mean "world development", since Stark's character is only minutely different from beginning to end.

The standard problems with "modern monsters" are out in full effect in this book. The amount of lobotomized brain-deadedness required to believe that all this shit could exist but be "hidden" is pretty much impossible to accept.

Kill the Dead takes the pulpiness of its predecessor and turns it up a notch. Now Stark is stealing Bugatti Veyron's and having sex in toilet stalls with Czech pornstars/undead hunters. A lot of this book feels like a 14-year old boy's masturbatory fantasies. Not that there's anything wrong with that so long as you're not expect high fucking literature.

Despite its shortcomings (compared to its predecessor) where it stands out from the crowd is a) its willingness to do something vaguely interesting with the standard Heaven/Hell tropes and b) its willingness to actually progress the state of the world. A lot of trashy series like this have the same dude doing essentially the same thing for 15 books. I only read 3 of the Dresden books but nothing much changed over the course of those three books. In Sandman Slim we're done with book two and the author has proven willing to shake shit up.

Now maybe he's still going to try to milk it for a dozen books, I dunno. But at least the promise is there that something interesting is going to happen. That's why, despites its many flaws, I'll still pick up book three when it comes out.
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