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Pure Sin by Kate Brian
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Nov 14, 2010

really liked it
Read in November, 2010

Another great installment, although the story is less exciting than before. I mainly find the problem with Lexa annoying, and I couldn't help wishing she'll die in the next book. At least Ariana didn't kill her (or anyone) in this book, which I suppose is an improvement? Part of me really wants Ariana to get her happy ending already, but unfortunately that also means no more books. It just gets tiresome sometimes watching trouble cropping up for her all the time, one right after another. It must be very exhausting to live her life.

The bit with Jasper is interesting, although I don't know if entirely necessary. It seemed to come a bit out of left field, but I don't mind much, I guess. What really excites me though, is the tie-in with the Private series, and the reappearance of Reed. While she's never been my favorite character from the start, she will definitely make for a very interesting development in Ariana's life, and if these two nemesis really face each other again, I just know it'll be epic. It's so great to know that this will likely happen in the last book. It just seems appropriate for things to come full circle. While I like the new characters and the different world in Privilege, my first love was Private and colliding the best of both worlds would serve as an appropriate finale.

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Cierra Let me ask you a question, darling. If you saw your friend murder someone who was trying to murder you, and you helped your friend bury them in your backyard, and your friend told you not to say anything to anyone, wouldn't that make you a little insane? It's not something that you'd think was normal. And a person like Lexa??? Of course she wouldn't be able to hold it together. Not everyone can be like Ariana or Kaitlynn. You know?

Alexandra I'm not saying that isn't normal or that Lexa didn't have good reason to act like she did. I was just seeing it from Ariana's POV and she keeps getting thrown all these obstacles and can't seem to start a new peaceful life no matter how hard she tries when really that's all she ever wanted.

Cierra Oh. Okay. I see where you're coming from. But at the same time, I feel like Ariana didn't deserve the second life she got. After all she's done? It's not fair that someone like that got a second chance at life. If she didn't start running around and killing people again, then fine, but the fact that she hurt, decieved and murdered people to get her second chance.... that's not deserving to me at all. But, that's how I feel. lol

Alexandra In the real world I would totally agree with you. But I was willing to look over a lot of her faults because this is fiction. Also, she just makes such a compelling/sympathetic villain, you know? I just keep finding myself rooting for her.

Cierra Yeah. I'll admit I was Team Ariana at times. But still. What she did was wrong. I just really hate what happened to Jasper. The fact that he had to watch her die in the hospital and he never got an explaination, unless Reed and Noelle told him.... I felt bad for him the most.

message 6: by Jamie (new)

Jamie There was at least one fanfic that I think sort of gave her a happy ending, like "At Last" and maybe another. I agree that she had some interesting material in this series.

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