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Zombie Blondes by Brian James
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Nov 13, 2010

did not like it
Read from November 13 to 15, 2010

** spoiler alert ** I try to remain as positive as possible when reviewing a book, as personally I understand the writing process, however sometimes it is a character which proves most difficult for me to overcome when reading and sadly today I cannot really offer many words in a positive way, but perhaps more in humor as I've faced this issue in reading Zombie Blondes, of course, the cover was interesting and so was the premise presented to me on the back of the book, however I was led into believing that Hannah would actually be an intelligent character and not just another blonde-haired girl seeking popularity at a new school.

Unfortunately for me, I was unable to like this book, the characters were almost flat and lifeless and Lukas, well if he was supposed to be romantic, I just couldn’t see it. Hannah was probably the main culprit, her continual mopping about her father’s moving habits was almost enough to actually stop me from continuing and only then would I have actually had to pick up the book and finish it on the basis of my “Never Give Up On A Book” idea. Although I must say, the ending does redeem the book somewhat even if it was ridiculous, I have to say I do love a zombie burning scene and perhaps that was all that really could have redeemed this book for me aside from the fact that Maggie and her loyal band of Mischevious, Malevolent Muppets just needed to be destroyed by some form of epic weapon, I just can’t say that even the ending really satisfied my hunger for an actual Zombie novel.

To me, what could have made this book better would be if the plot had a little more substance, to me simply there being a squad of undead cheerleaders and a girl who moves to a small town as her father attempts to escape those he owes money just really wasn’t enough. It just seemed a little too boring and lifeless to me and certainly could have been better if Hannah were a stronger protagonist. Personally, I just couldn’t really seem to find a message under it all, usually when I’m at a loss to explain what a book is about in a review, the message generally guides me. However this time I can’t even find that so how will I do this? So, to answer my only question, the only way I can think of to summarise how much I didn’t like this book would be: What did you learn from this book?, I can proudly claim that if I am ever offered a place upon a cheer squad in which all the girls have names beginning with “M” and have near identical appearances in a town where people go mysteriously missing or move, I’ll be sure to trust the creepy stalker kid who attempts to make friends with me and arm myself with a killer, fire-powered zombie-killing machine of epic proportions.

If you're looking for a tweeny Zombie novel this would be for you, it pretty much lacked the zombie action pretty much promised in the title until the very last chapter of the novel and even then, for a zombie fan like myself it just did not deliver for me. I've read many zombie novels and seen so many movies and for me this just didn't really work out, I wanted to like it, I really did. Who could think of a better combination than blondes and zombies?

1 Star.

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