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The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa
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Nov 13, 2010

it was amazing
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Today seems to be a perfect day (11/11/11) for reviewing a perfect book such as the last installment in the Iron Fey series written by Ms Julie Kagawa.

Most of us, admirers of Ms Kagawa works, were used to perceive and experience Mortal and Faery worlds through the eyes of beautiful, keen-witted, big-hearted, brave, self-sacrificing and goal-oriented half-human daughter of mighty ruler of the Seelie Court Lord Oberon. Meghan Chase, that is. Iron Knight defies the customary patterns in this context, its narrator being Ashallyn’darkmyr Tallyn aka Ash, a “Prince who is no longer a Prince” to the Winter Court.

As you may recall from the final chapters of the Iron Queen, Meghan has embraced her destiny sacrificing herself in order to save the Nevernever and therefore becoming the one and only sovereign of the Iron Realm. However, her choice had its grim consequences; the new queen had to exile her sworn Knight and the love of her life to keep him safe from suffering the hazardous influence of iron that is deadly to the most of the Fey folk. I’m referring to Ash, of course….

But lucky for us, readers, Ice Boy can’t be dissuaded so easily. He’d seen worse. Thus, having come in terms with his exile and following a good amount of serious brooding and strategizing Ash have found a solution allowing him to reunite with his beloved. And that is…

[insert a long intense pause here]

[hold your breath just a bit longer]

…becoming mortal and earning a soul!

[insert a collective gasp of the Fey folk here]

What a twist of fate, guys! To pay the price of immortality and power for being with his love is quite a crusade of its own, but the path to humanity promises to be nowhere near less difficult… Hence, young (in Fey terms) and ambitious ex-Prince would require a helping hand of smart and overenthusiastic prankster to the Summer Court and his constant rival Robin Goodfellow and some very wise gray cat sidhe Grimalkin for this dangerous and thrilling Odyssey towards a goal on the brink of impossible. ;)
This is how the quest and wanderings of the protagonists begin… I won’t go into details hereafter, the story in its multifaceted and self-contained nature will outshine any review spiriting you away into the domain where magic meets fantasy and spills over in waves of action, adventure, romance and thriller. Thus, you’d better “dig in” yourself at your earliest convenience.

Chapters of the book go from humorous to tragic and back again. One can laugh at Puck’s attitude to the surrounding environment and its inhabitants and deeply emphasize with Ash learning his century’s long lifestory in full, the latter being a unique opportunity given here and only here. Apart from vivid depictions of Nevernever and its denizens, breathtaking snapshots of battles with both otherworldly creatures and personal demons, mind-boggling riddles and intriguing glimpses of character’s reminiscences one might also discover a slight allusion to a Neverending Story movie.

Reading the Epilogue to the saga I’ve not given into a teary mood however still felt the tendrils of nostalgia that spiraled around me like a fine sheet of mist…Yeah,…it’s a distress to give up the favorite characters… And here the news on a spinoff novel about Ethan Chase comes in handy in combating the sadness of saying farewell to Iron Fey series. :)

Finally, the writing itself has proved to be elegant and impeccable. Ms Kagawa has succeeded in a delicate art of blending together styles and appealing to a reader in many ways. And damned I would be if I don’t sing praise to her vast and exuberant imagination that brought to life a whole fabricated fairy-tale universe that captivated my attention completely and will be lingering in my thoughts for quite a while more.

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Julie Kagawa
“Be careful, boy. In some tales, the hero gets eaten by the monster after all.”
Julie Kagawa, The Iron Knight

Julie Kagawa
“My fall began, as many stories do, with a girl.”
Julie Kagawa, The Iron Knight

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