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Hold Still by Nina LaCour
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Nov 13, 10

I LOVED this book.

Really, that's all I have to say. I could end the review right here. However, it would be enough to explain how amazing this book was. When I finished it, I wanted to turn to the first page and reread it again.
Hold Still was so beautifully and poetically written.
The storyline was great, it kept me entertained the whole time.
I must warn you, this book is a tear jerker, but its definitely worth it.

I thought all the little things Caitlin did for comfort, since her best friend Ingrid committed suicide were all very random. haha, but I loved them. She did things like... listening to weird indie music while sleeping in the back of her old car, finding her true passion in photography, and, building her own tree house.

I though Caitlin was a trooper. I don't think I could have been strong enough to read Ingrid's journal.
All her thoughts, everything she regretted, hated, wanted, loved. Everything she hid from Caitlin, pretty much their entire friendship, she wrote in her journal. The the night before she killed herself, she slid that journal underneath Caitlin's bed.
Caitlin slowly read all of it.
Of course, she was sad. I would have been a basket case.
I wouldn't be able to come out of my room for month's.

The way Nina LaCour developed all the characters was incredible.
I loved all the characters, and even small characters were involved somehow.
I also liked how Caitlin actually had parents!
A lot of books I read, the parents are barely involved, and it's not realistic at all.

I honestly don't have any complaints about this book.
Which is odd.
Especially for me.
I usually have an opinion on everything.
But, nope. I can't think of anything that I didn't like in this novel.

I would only recommended Hold Still for older teens. It dealt with some pretty mature stuff. There is a heavy amount of cursing, and they're were some make-out scenes, as well implied sexual comments. It also dealt with suicide (obviously).

Abigaile (
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