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Jealousy by Lili St. Crow
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Nov 12, 10

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Mixed feelings about the entire series. First two books were a wee bit too dramatic for my tastes--not the events, really, but just the general 'feel' of the books (how they were written, perhaps). The third book is a smidge better in that regard, however. Well, better, or I got used to it, heh.

What bugs me about Dru is that she's strong and yet weak at the same time. All right, this isn't all that bad, except I feel like she goes into these cycles where she's weak and powerless and everything is out of her control, but then she's strong and competent. Except the strong and competent part only lasts for a few pages at most and we're back to a weak and vaguely irritating Dru. This cycles ad naseum. I would have liked it a lot more if she was more balanced between being strong and being weak.

I really liked the thought of Graves and Dru getting together in the first book, but in the next two books I'm just not feeling like they go well together. Especially this one, where my liking of Graves and Dru plummeted to a new low. I like the more confident Graves. I like how close he and Dru are, and how it's two of them against the world. However, I dislike how dependent on Graves Dru is, and while I know that he's her only real anchor in a world that's shifting underneath her feet, I don't think that's conductive to a healthy relationship. It's less chemistry I feel from them (definitely a lot less chemistry from the first book) and more like she's confusing her feelings with finding a safe harbor (and mixed up with some father issues, I think). Oh, she is attracted to Graves, but it's getting really muddled and her want of a relationship smacks of issues of another kind. I like them better as the best of friends, to be frank.

Actually, I just want Dru to get to a better, healthier mental state before she jumps into any sort of relationship. Right now her daddy issues are spewing out everywhere. And her mother issues. And her grandma issues. And the vampires are trying to kill me issues. And the other svetocha is trying to kill me too issues.


Moving on! (Heh.) I still don't quite understand why svetocha are on such a pedestal. Yes, they just breath and apparently kill vampires--except the ones that are really awful, apparently--but that still doesn't explain the almost blind devotion they get from djamphir. If someone is being as awful as Anna, you'd think they'd try a little harder to curb her (or at least doubt her some more and do something about it).

At least by the end of Jealousy things have moved forward on that front.

Hm. The end of the third book was rather snappy, though it did have somewhat of a cliffhanger. I am looking forward to the promise that Dru will do more. Maybe she'll get to act rather than react all the time. One lives in hope. Overall, the series isn't exactly great and wonderful, but it's still fairly entertaining. It probably deserves closer to 2 stars on a whole, but I enjoyed reading it in a shallow way, so 3 stars from me.
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