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Hot Nights, Dark Desires by Eden Bradley
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The Art of Desire by Eden Bradley: (3.5 stars)
Sophie has a tattoo fetish. Well, she has a very strange tattoo fetish. It's not just that she loves a guy with tattoos. She has a secret fantasy of being tattooed. This fantasy is of quite a sexual nature. When her friend Crystal asks her to go with her to the tattoo shop because she's getting a tattoo, she's leery at first. She's not sure she can handle seeing someone being tattooed without losing it. But, she decides to go anyways. There she meets Tristan, the tattoo artist. It's sort of love at first site-ish. They make googly eyes at each other and she is pretty sure he might be the man that could fulfill all her wildest fantasies.

I kind of have mixed feelings about this one. The romance between the two of them was pretty smokin' and Tristan was uber hot. But, a couple things bugged me. First of all her fetish is a little too strange for me. I'm all for tattoos on a hot guy -- it's sexy. But to have a fetish about the actual process of BEING tattooed to the point that you literally come while you're under the needle and with no other sexual stimulation...well, that just makes no sense to me. It just seems really weird. The other thing that kind of bugged me was that they were both a bit whiny about their lives and their pasts. I mean, yeah, they had some bad things that happened and I feel for both of them in that sense -- especially in Tristan's case. But they both -- but mostly Tristan -- just seemed to linger too much on it. Their own personal issues were the only thing holding them back from a relationship and I found their(his) reasons to hold back loving each other to be pretty weak.

But anyways, I did like her writing style and I read this in one sitting so that's a good sign. Overall, a hot little story. Some weird stuff, but still pretty good nonetheless.

Story-Specific Shelves: contemporary, erotica, romance

Shadow Play by Sydney Croft: (3.5 stars)
(ACRO, #2.5)
This story was the reason I picked up this anthology. However, the story is about a couple of characters that aren't in any of the previous ACRO books, although one of them does work for ACRO, he's not even really on an ACRO mission.

Hex is a medium who can see and communicate with ghosts, but he can only see them through the lens of his camera. His job at ACRO is generally to help lost souls to cross over, especially when they seem to be causing trouble in the human population. When he gets a request from a supermodel named Brenna to help her, he's a little skeptical. He's seen her photographs and knows she's beautiful, but he doesn't quite believe she's haunted. When he sees what she's dealing with though, he realizes he was quite wrong. While trying to get rid of her ghost, the chemistry between them is overflowing and quickly turns undeniable.

This was a hot little story that takes place in the ACRO world. I liked it for the most part, but like with a lot of the ACRO books, the sex just gets to be too much (as in quantity) for me. You know how when an erotica story has sex thrown in like every ten pages or so, how it just gets a little staid? That's kind of what it gets like. So that was kind of meh at times. But it did have it's hot moments for sure, don't get me wrong there! The only other thing I didn't like was that every time they had sex they literally would go from hot (during the sex) to completely cold and arguing all the time right after sex (even before the clothes were put back on). That just got old and made them both seem childish. But, overall it was pretty good and had a lot of hot moments in it.

Story-Specific Shelves: erotica, ghosts-phantoms, paranormal-uf, romance, sci-fi

Night Vision by Stephanie Tyler: (3 stars)
This is my first Stephanie Tyler story. Although I'm reading the ACRO series (Sydney Croft is Stephanie Tyler and Larissa Ione), I haven't read one of Stephanie's own stories. It was decent. Nothing too special, but still okay.

Bat is a man that doesn't like to stay in one place too long. His job takes him to bars all over the place, in order to renovate and bring them back to life. When he's brought back to his hometown bar, he meets Catie -- the new owner. The immediate attraction between them is undeniable. While he's trying to get the bar in shape for her to be able to sell it, their romance is brewing and they're both falling hard for each other.

I thought this was okay. What I like most about it is that their relationship felt pretty gradual and realistic. I like that they weren't using the love word too quickly and I just felt it was pretty believable. But -- and this is why I'm generally not a big fan of contemporary romance -- it didn't have any action. It was just their relationship and that can get a bit boring. So, this was good, but not anything overly special.

Story-Specific Shelves: contemporary, erotica, romance
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message 1: by Darkfallen (new)

Darkfallen So it's basically Rock Me?

♥ Sarah ♥ Do you mean this -- Rock Me? I haven't read that, but from the description, this little short (The Art of Desire) is so much stranger because she doesn't just want a tattoo...she wants to BE tattooed. Like literally, if she could just have them poke the needle into her repeatedly without even using ink, she'd be flying high. Weird. lol

Anna-Novelbroads.com Rock Me is much better than the first story in this book. And I felt the same about the fetish. Very odd!

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